4 Mrs. Trujillo’s 4th grade class, New Mexico comments

4  Mrs. Trujillo’s 4th grade class, New Mexico comments on “What does Peace mean to you?” from Ing’s Peace Project:

Peace Project

What does “Peace” mean to you?

Peace is integrity.

Peace is a way of being pristine

Peace is of mind

Peace is amazement

Peace is great

Peace is Ing.

Peace is being nice not being

Mean need to have fun enjoy what you are

Don’t hurt anyone love your friends and family.

Don’t hurt other peoples feeling enjoy your life

Peace is a peace of mind. Like in war after the war they had peace. Peace is relaxing nice humble no fighting ,no killing ,no anger ,no bad behavior.

 Peace what does it mean to me ?

It means that you need to enjoy your life

And to be kind and nice to each other

End War

Love your friends and family

 Help others when you can

End war

Be kind

Help others

Be nice

Love others

Enjoy your life!!

I think peace is the thing that separated us from the bad guys….. I guess…. Anyway, peace is like toasted waffles awesome, and ready to eat…and cookies fresh from the oven!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 

 I think peace is when people are nice… A lot of people fight when they are older. But they all end up loving each other even if they do fight. But that’s just how people are you can not change that fact. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Peace I think is when you in joy  something  or eat something.  You have  fun  with something. 🙂 🙂 🙂

 Peace is great

Peace is wonderful

You can be calm

Peace is part of the world

Peace is nature

Its   having fun

Peace is awesome

Have fun and enjoy live

It is love that you share with friends

Peace is a part of life

If you see birds at the park and the breeze feels

Cool on a hot summer day, it is peaceful.

Peace is joy and you will have a calm smile on your face.

If there is peace on earth there should be. no war, no anger ,no lives lost for freedom

A hot place is a peaceful place during winter.Waching a bird fly is peaceful little humming bird passing your window is peaceful.

          Peace can be many things like a new born bird flying for the first time. Or a baby saying its first words. Maybe for some people like me seeing the goldfish you’ve been training for the past month go through the loop. 🙂

 Peace means no more war. It means no more seeing the sacrifice a family made to their son after he was severely injured in the war in Iraq.  Peace means no longer seeing the worry in a student on the deployment of his dad.  Most importantly, peace means having your family with you and not missing out on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.  Peace means not having to say goodbye to your husband on yet another long deployment. Peace means not having to say goodbye to your dad or nephew on another long deployment.  Peace means no more war.

-Mrs. Trujillo’s 4th grade class, New Mexico

From: Kimberly DiMiceli Blanton

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012

To: ‘Suzanne DiMiceli’

Subject: FW: Peace Project

Please forward this to John and Ing   Kimberly DiMiceli Blanton  English Teacher RRHS

From: Christina Trujillo

Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 To: ‘Kimberly DiMiceli Blanton’

Subject: Peace Project

Hello. We had a great time working on the Peace Project!  I’ve attached our work.  BC has the poster & the hardcopy.  If you need someone to do this next year, let me know!

Thanks again,

Christina Trujillo

 Hi Sue & Kimberly,

Thank you so much for forwarding Mrs. Christina Trujillo and her 4th grade students Peace Project comments to me. I sent a thank you email to her and also sent the email to both of you.

How are my two little ones, Bianca and Ava?  We hope they are fine.  Please give them hugs from us.

Thanks again for spending your busy time to do my peace project.  By the way Sue, you sent the forwarded email to my old email account.  My new email and Peace Project are below:



The new email and website are almost the same as the old ones except there is no (s) after ing.  My old website and email was hacked.  I lost all of my work in the old website.  I have to start to rebuild my website all over again.  Kimberly if you posted my old website in your Human Right website please change this to the new addresses above. 

I can hardly wait to see the finished peace poster with the students  comments.


Ing     5.23.12

 Dear Mrs. Trujillo and the 4th grade students,

I consider that today is one of my best days to receive comments about peace from you and your students.  I agree with your comments completely.  Also the comments from the students made me smile while I was reading.  If all the youngsters of the world are as conscious of peace as your students then we can hope that there will be less wars or no wars at all for future generations.

Thank you so much for inspiring your students by talking about Peace.  I am really humbled and grateful for you spending your valuable time on my Peace Project.  Please give my love to all children in your class and hope that they will continue talking about Peace to their parents, family and friends.

I just posted a new page on my website entitled, Mother’s Day & Roses For All Mothers.  Please look at this page.   I hope all those roses from our backyard garden will give you as much joy as I received from the Peace comments of you and your students.

I would like to post the comments of your students, and you, and our correspondence, on my website with your permission.



Best wishes to you, your family and all your students.

Thank you very much,


(Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Hello. I do remember you. Yes, you have permission to post on the web.

However, we cannot have names or identifying info on there (student

initials.) My name is ok to be there.


Christina Trujillo

Thurday, September 27, 2012

 Hi Mrs. Trujillo,

Thank you for your permission.  I posted the comments on my website.  If you want to view the content please visit the following link:

I just posted some of my videos on Peace Project activities from schools, and other place on YouTube.  If you visit my website on Home Page ( ), scroll down the page you will see Ing’s Videos.  The children might enjoy seeing my video on “Butterflies & Bee in Our Backyard Garden.

It would be nice if I can have the name of the school and the address for posting with the comments on the webpage.


Ing                    September 28, 2012

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