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What does Peace means to you? 

By Newark Tech and Bloomfield Tech Students 

Fall 2013


Peace is as Free as Butterflies and Bees


Words of peace float in the air

Flying about the butterflies and bees

Helping to block trouble and sad news

That comes from the air

Listening to Newark, and Bloomfield Tech Students

Express what Peace means to them


 These words are real

Expressed from their Hearts


Peace means:


 Love, Unity and Cooperation

Positive actions and attitudes

Happiness, living Tranquil

Harmony and Balance, Nice


Serenity, Calmness, to be Peaceful

To be free and kind to everybody

Freedom, feel Free, no Worry

Enjoy the goodness things in Life


To be happy and relax

You happy with their life and everyone in it

To feel comfortable with everyone around you

Equality and live of harmony internally and externally

To be comfortable in your own skin, being you and nobody else


You know who you are and are okay with it,

When you have peace you are okay with yourself and others

Get along with one another and itself

Being able to find yourself, to know your inner self

Equality, Happiness, Tranquility, to be happy and don’t fight

No violence, loving each and every person


No war or fighting

Peace is love without war

No fighting nor hate nothing but love

Respecting and to act in a civilized manner

No one is fighting everything is calm and put together


Togetherness all as one, one for all

No violence (Guns, knives and etc.)

Peace comes from love with yourself and others

Peace is everything that calm you, that keep your heart warm

Peace is Life

Peace is absence of war and hate

Harmony with the world and others

Equality between people

To have a world without war


There are many more comments


Learning and listening from others

Is what we should do

Understanding other’s feelings

In our hearts and our minds

Together we will survive

Let us tell each other how we feel

No guessing

 No doubts or fears

Free as Butterflies and Bees

That is what a peaceful society should be 


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Friday, December 13, 2013, 6:07 pm



Cultivated Peace


One Bloomfield Tech Student expresses his thought

There is no Peace


Sadness is in my heart hearing his belief

If I could tell my child about peace


Walking on empty land

With no plants and no trees

Lucky me, finding some seeds in my pocket


Let us make some holes

And put some seeds in the soil

Water them everyday when we pass by


Surprisingly, two green leaves peek out of the soil

Walk carefully not to step on the baby tree

Let’s pour more water and some plant food

Put some fence for protection

From animals eating the baby plants

Time passes by with love and care

The plant grows tall with beautiful crested flowers

And fragrant aroma the air


Oh my, the plant is taller than me

Look! The bees are drinking the nectar

One wonderful day I see a beautiful swallowtail butterfly

Drinking nectar from the flowers


Gladly we spent time to grow the trees

Cultivate them with patience and love

Enjoying the trees

Bring bees and butterflies for us to see


To have Peace we need to cultivate

Just like planting the trees

But Peace comes from the internal and external

One has to have peace in oneself

Before looking for peace outside


If you are able to calm yourself

You can enjoy food and music

Reading books and discussions

Feel good and appreciate knowledge

That one gains from teachers, friends, and family


Helping family and friends

Greeting them with smiles

The returning smiles and nice conversation

Will make the day brighter


 Three simple philosophies I practice

Try my best to take care of myself

Physically and mentally

With good health and wealth I have


Secondly I try to branch out to help others

As best as I can

Kind words and smiles

Will help others to feel good too


Thirdly I try to make my heart pure

By not judging people

Before I recognize the real reasons

Why one behaves certain ways

This practice is more difficult than others

Because my judgment is impaired by fear of the unknown


If one can find peace in oneself

One can smile, get up and go to school or to work

Helping oneself and others


Peace from outside is difficult to find

Troubles come from neighborhood violence

Wars take place all over the world

Natural disasters cause trouble and hardship for people

 That we cannot control


But if you have Peace in yourself

No one can take it away

Then you can think about

How to make your surroundings more peaceful

Find someone that needs help

Using knowledge from your education

Finding out about other institutions

That can help you, your family

 Friends or neighbors


President Barack Obama saw his father only once

When he was ten years old

His grandparents took care of him

When he was a teenager

He educated himself and able to help others

By working as a community organizer in Chicago

We know by now how he can help more people

While he is a President


If you have peace in yourself

You can form your ideas

How to help others to have peace

Even little things one can achieve

Help a child who cries from falling

Calm the child and help take care of the little wound

This will make one feel good, lively and happy


We all cannot all become president like President Barack Obama

Because we all have different abilities

But if one tries one’s best  

Then whatever one achieve

It is good enough


Two more things that I practice

Trying to understand people and show kindness


Kindness makes the world go round

A kind heart will make a happy person

And people will be happy to see you


As the old Asian proverb says

A rigid tall tree

Will break with strong wind

But soft blade of grass

Will withstand the harsh wind

And live on for another day


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Golden Swallowtail Butterfly was captured by me on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at our backyard garden in downtown Newark, New Jersey 


Link to YouTube:  (8:15 minutes) 

Link to Golden Swallowtail Butterfly and White Cosmos Flower & Bees Ing’s Poem Page: 

Golden Swallowtail Butterfly & White Cosmos Flowers and Bees


Link to YouTube:  (5:15 minutes)

Hibiscus and Jasmine plants are topical.  Their flowers will bloom in the summer time.  When I was young in Thailand we planted them and we loved to see the gorgeous flowers blossom.  We like Jasmine flowers that give out a very nice fragrance.  I planted jasmine here in the US but if I leave the plants outside during winter the plants will die.  I take my plants inside and give them some light from florescent bulbs and water them with plant food.  It is December now and the weather outside is below freezing but my hibiscus plants have produced some beautiful red flowers.  I also counted about one hundred the little white jasmine flowers.  Everyday a few jasmine flowers blossom giving a very nice fragrance when I walk by the plants which makes me happy and peaceful thinking of my homeland.

 I cultivate my plants to enjoy the flowers and fragrance.  It gives me happiness and peace.    One will achieve something if one puts effort and time to pursue one’s goal.  If one does nothing one receives nothing.

 Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 2:55 am


Remember Nelson Mandela


One Bloomfield Tech Student commented:

Peace?  Trust no one


I can understand how you feel

There was disappointment and trouble in my younger life

But I never lost hope


At least I trusted myself

And behaved in such a way that others could trust me

If I want to trust others

I have to show others are able to trust me


We all go through life

Knowing some bad and good people

We learn and change

If we show kindness to others

There is a chance to receive kindness in return


I was sad about some of my troubles in life

But when I study about Nelson Mandela

Who passed away this month at the age of 95

I feel that I am a lucky person


He was jailed for twenty seven years

But was able to walk tall when he was freed

He overcame his bitterness

Trusted people and people trusted him


Mr. Mandela became the first black president of South Africa

People all over the world praised his good deeds

He is honored and admired

Just as Gandhi and Dr. King were admired


By being only a one term president

Mr. Mandela showed he was not greedy to hold on to power

He could have been President of South Africa as long as he wished

He prevented civil war between black and white South Africans

He helped to raise funds to educate poor African children

And encouraged the fight against Aids


He led very meaningful life

An example for others to follow


 Mr. Mandela said his 27 years in prison gave him time to think

He educated other prisoners and cultivated a little garden

 Growing tomatoes and other vegetables

His conduct earned him the respect of his jailers


President Barack Obama commented that

When you are with Nelson Mandela

You want to be a better person


I too want to be a better person

 After studying the life of Nelson Mandela


Please reconsider your comment

Peace? Trust no one


If you help others to the best of your ability

You will find others you can trust

Who in turn will trust you

And give help when it is needed


Then you will achieve a successful life

With happiness and peace in your heart


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Friday, December 13, 2013, 11:56 pm



















Thanks to Mr. Jonathan who helped to organize all the comments from Newark and Bloomfield Tech students.  Good teachers show concern and do more to advance their students both mentally and physically by preparing the students for future challenges.  

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Sunday, December 15, 2013

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