Remembering till the End and Worth to be born

Remembering till the End

 Oh Mom!   

Rubbing your skinny hand

To keep it warm


These hands that typed my term papers

Requested from the teachers

Long ago since 1972


Remembering the long dinner table

Where the typewriter sound came from

At the other end of the room

 Where Dad cooked for us all


Joining little John, Claire and others

Watching Lucy Ball, Hogan’s Heroes

Mary Tyler Moore or other TV shows 

At the other end of the room

We were all together

 Mom, Dad and kids


Sadly I long to visit Dad

But his time had come in 1989


Missing Dad more than ever

 As time passes

His kindness imprints forever


Needing food and a place to sleep

While studying at Rutgers U

Dad and Mom adopted me willingly

 Asking for nothing in return


Always kind hearted

Mary ushered me to Mom and Dad


New York City

There I went

With Betty the oldest sister

Taking me on the United Nations tour


Overwhelmed with writing school reports

Supported and corrected by Alice

She can write poems

Like popcorn cooking in a microwave


Smart Michael we all admired

Eileen, Dorothy, Lorraine, Claire

And John the younger ones

Kindly shared with me their love


Celebrating special occasions brought

 Joe, the oldest son, his wife Janet

And their daughter

On Christmas Day, Anne, Terry and Matthew

Came to join the celebration


Twelve kids plus one who passed away


Mom and Dad’s kind hearts

Transferred to their children


Teaching Philosophy at St. Peter College, JC

Dad did that best


A secretarial job Mom love to do

Her professional helped my term papers

Looked perfect with her typing hands


Happy me in the foreign land of the USA


Missing all of them

Looking back at the passed forty one years

Lucky me embraced by a good and kind family


I will remember fondly till the end 


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts,

Thursday, November 20, 2013, 9:49 pm 

Mr. Joseph Caulfield (Dad) and Mrs. Theresa Maloney Caulfield (Mom) wedding


 Worth to be born


The best of human achievement is

When you raise your offspring

Enabling your child to have a good life

And be a good person


But the greatest achievements

In history come by

Helping others

Without concern for blood line


The Great men and women

In the history

Gandhi, Dr. King, Madam Curie

And many others achieved this


Dad and Mom Caulfield

Are as great as the others

Helping me and others in small ways

That they could


If the aim of our lives is help others

Or be helped by others

When the situation is provided

It will be a better world

We live in


Out loud we shall talk

For every individual to receive help

And help others


Step by step we are walking through

The twenty first century

Let us bring Peace and a better world

Than we are in now 


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Happy 91st Birthday Mom 

Theresa Maloney Caulfield  

Sunday, November 17, 2013 

At Dotsy and John’s house











     Have a Happy Holiday Everyone      


     From Ing, John, Mali and Jim, 2013 

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4 responses to “Remembering till the End and Worth to be born”

  1. Mali Avatar

    Beautiful and thoughtful poems and pictures. Thank you for painting a picture of a happy and meaningful time in your life. I feel gratitude and love for this family that showed you such generosity. Mrs. C paved part of the road in your life with support and love. I can see a part of why you can give to me beautiful and unselfish love as my mother.

  2. ingon Avatar

    Dear Mali,

    This is the first time that you have written comments on my website. Your Daddy and I are very impressed with your comments. We are always proud of you and appreciate the work that you are doing everyday to help children. I do not think I can last that long if I had to do the work that you say you love to do, helping children to talk. You devote your time to help children and I am very grateful for it.



  3. Chelsea Avatar

    This is a very special post, I remember hearing stories of your adoptive family and the joy created in that home. Its wonderful seeing their faces and hearing your words again.

    You are such an amazing women and these people most have been equally exceptional to leave such a lasting and loving impression.

  4. ingon Avatar

    Hi Chelsea,
    Thank you for your heart felt comment. We miss you and your family. Please say hello to everyone. We hope you have a nice summer.


    Ing & John

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