Ing’s Peace Project

Peace Project

Please leave comments on “What does “Peace” mean to you?” on the space provided at the end of project.

1 “Peace” sculpture,   material clay   sizes length 12 inches, width   7.5 inches, height 6.5 inches, produced during the month of June and July 2010, artwork by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

2 Peace Sculpture

2 Shadow of Peace 1

3 Shadow of Peace

3 Print:  Shadow of “Peace”    “What does “Peace” mean to you?”          Sizes 24 inches x 40 inches

Participation art, for any viewers to write their comments with their names and dates

4 Shadow of Peace-2 & Lincoln School Peace Comments

4  Shadow of “Peace” – 2   “What does “Peace” mean to you?”  Comments by fourth through eight grades at LincolnSchool,Newark,New Jersey, organized by art teacher, Karma Cloud.

5  LincolnSchool Complete Peace Artwork

5    One of the finished “Peace” artworks:
Shadow of Peace – 2   “What does “Peace” mean to you?”  Comments by fourth through eighth grades at Lincoln School, Newark, New Jersey, organized by art teacher, Karma Cloud
Finished artwork, after the written comments by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

6  Shadow Of Peace 2

6 Shadow Of “Peace” designed 1

7  Shadow Of Peace 3

 7 Shadow of “Peace” design 2
8 Shadow Of Peace & Ing’s Poem in English


8 “Peace” poem by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, written on September 24, 2010

9 Shadow of Peace & Ing’s Peace Poem, Yellow Rose

9 Shadow of “Peace”, yellow rose & Ing’s “Peace” poem in English
by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

10 Shadow of Peace1 & Ing’s Peace Poem in Thai, Coral Rose

10 Shadow of “Peace”, coral rose & Ing’s “Peace” poem, translated into Thai
written on 9, 24, 2010 by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

11 Shadow of Peace 4

11 Shadow of “Peace” design 3

12 Shadow of Peace in Arabic


12 Shadow of “Peace” and Ing Peace Poem translated into Arabic

13 Peace Poem in Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

13 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Arabic (Saudi Arabia) by Yassen Alali on 11.30.2010

14 Shadow of Peace & Bangladesh, Red Rose

14 Shadow of “Peace” and Ing’s Peace Poem translated into Bangladeshand red rose

15 Peace Poem in Bangledesh

15 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Bangledesh  by M.Nabi on 10.27.2010

16 Shadow of Peace & Edited Bangladesh

16 Shadow of “Peace” and Ing’s Peace poem translated into edited Bangladeshand red rose

17 Peace Poem in edited Bangledesh

17 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into edited Bangledesh by M.Nabi on 10.27.2010

18 Shadow of Peace 5

18 Shadow of “Peace” designed 4

19 Peace Poem in Portuguese (Brazilian)

19 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Portuguese (Brazilian) by Daniel on 10.13.10

20 Peace Poem in Chinese, Pink Flower

20 Ing’s “Peace” poem in Chinese and large pink flower

21 Peace Poem in Chinese

21 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Chinese by Lin Limei on 10.12.2010

22 Peace Poem in Chinese & Pink Flower

22 Ing’s “Peace” poem in Chinese and large pink flower

23 Peace Poem in Chinese

23 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Chinese by Saoru on  10.12.2010

24 Shadow Of Peace 6

24 Shadow of Peace 6, Ing’s artwork with Thai & English poem

25 Peace Poem in Croatian

25 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Croatian by Linia Lazzaro on 10.26.20

26 Shadow of Peace 7

26 Shadow of “Peace” 7, Ing’s aretwork with Thai and English poem

27 Peace Poem in French

27 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into French by Mathilde on 10.10.2010

28  Shadow Of Peace 8

28 Shadow of “Peace” 8, Ing’s artwork

29 Peace Poem in Greek

29 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Greek by Nick Dontas on 11.5.10

30 Shadow of Peace 9

30 Shadow of “Peace” 9, Ing’s artwork

31 Peace Poem in Hebrew

31 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Hebrew by Lana Wexler on 11.10.2010

32 Shadow of Peace 10, Russian

32 Shadow of Peace 10, Ing’s”Peace” poem in Russian

33 Peace Poem in Russian

33 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Russian by Benjamin Kant on 10.14.2010

34 Shadow of Peace 11, Russian

34 Shadow of Peace 11, Ing’s artwork in Russian

35 Peace Poem in Russian

35 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Russian by Benjamin Kant on 10.31.2010

36 Peace Poem, Spanish & Butterfly

36 Ing’s “Peace” Poem  Ing’s artwork, Spanish & Butterfly

37 Peace Poem in Spanish

37 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Spanish by Lady Psez on 10.26.2010

38 Peace Poem, Spanish & Butterfly 1

38 Ing’s Peace” poem, Spanish & Butterfly 1

39 Peace Poem in Spanish

39 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Spanish by Patricia Meidel on 12.14.2010

40 Shadow of Peace 12

40 Shadow of Peace 12, Ing’s artwork

41 Peace Poem in  Tagalog

41 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Tagalog by Christine Lozada on 10.26.2010

42 Water Lily Pond in Thai

42 Ing’s”Peace” poem translated into Thai by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts on 9.24.2010

43 Peace Poem in Thai

43 Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Thai by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts on 9.24.2010

44 Ing’ “Peace” poem translated into Malayalam (Indian)

by Ria Menon, November 23. 2011

45  Ing’ “Peace” poem translated into German by Tanja Graubaum on February 18, 2012

 46  Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Danish by Jesper Andersen on February 24, 2012

47  Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Kenya by Robert on January 17, 2011

48  Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Italian by Roberta Miscia, August 27, 2012

49  Ing’s “Peace” poem translated into Yoruba by Zainab Bisiolu on September 23, 2012

49a  Ing’s Peace Poem “Peace Come to You”  Translated into Burmese                        by Aung Htut, August 2013

49b Ing’s Peace Poem Translated into Pujabi

Ing’s Peace Poem “Peace Come to You”

Translated into Punjabi by Pawan Kumar, August 2013


49c Ing’s Peace Poem Translated into Hindi

Ing’s Peace Poem “Peace Come to You”

Translated into Hindi by Hetal Patel, July 5, 2013


49d Ing’s Peace Poem translate into Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)

Ing’s Peace Poem Translated into Sinhalese

Ing’s Peace Poem “Peace Come to You”

Translated into Sinhalese by Ari Vinada, April 2014

50 Shadow of Peace 13, Ing’s artwork and “Peace” in different languages

I just finished organizing and cleaning up the “Peace” project. I am not doing the “Peace” project for money. The following are the two primary reasons that I started the project.

1.  I noticed that when people came to our shop and looked at the art work of my husband and myself, some of them would make comments and offer ideas, while most just kept their thoughts to themselves. These people probably had good ideas in mind but after they left our shop their ideas were gone.  Just as we go to art galleries or museums and admire the artworks but never have a chance to participate or express our personal ideas. I thought that it would be good idea to create an artwork that allows people who come to our shop to interact and participate with the artwork.

The work I have created is titled “Participation Art” as it is not created only by the artist but by the collective expression of all viewers who join with me in expressing their ideas.

2.  As I listen to the radio news or watch local and world news on television, I hear all the troubled news that came from corruption of all kinds. It seems as though everyone is unhappy with their own existence. Where is peace? There are wars throughout the world and wars in Newark, and other American cities like Chicago and Detroit.  Right here in this country kids are killing each other, mostly because of drugs. Why are we in this situation? Many people seem unhappy and rushing to grab every thing in life, getting pushed from outside and their own egos.  We should find a way to be calmer.  I thought a good way to start would be to ask myself and others the question “What does “Peace” mean to you?” By using this seed of peace to question ourselves we can expand both our questions and answers to others in a peaceful way. We cannot take anything with us when we die so why are we so greedy, wanting more and more?  It is not a logical way to live. If we are peaceful we will begin to trust each other and expand our trust to larger and more complex grouping of society as we are interacting with each other all over the world and especially the animals in the forests and in the sea.

My “Peace” project is for all humanity without the restrictions of religion, race or nationality. There is no copyright on my “Peace” project. I welcome anyone to use it anywhere in the world.

51 Shadow of Peace & Gandhi

Proposal for school:

1        I will print “Shadow of Peace” What does “Peace” mean to you?”  Picture #3, size 24 inches by 40 inches for the school, it is for students and teachers to write their comments. After the print is filled with comments then please return it to me for the final artwork to be completed. I will give a signed print of the finished artwork to the school. This will be a giclee print. This process produces a print with acid free ink and paper, according to the literature it will last more than one hundred years.

2        I will give 10 pages of my “Peace” poem for the students and teachers to read. The school can copy more of my “Peace” poem to distribute to other students and teachers.

3        One of my husband’s pottery student suggested that a melody can be added to the poem create a song. If a school has a music teacher, it would be nice for the students to sing the “Peace” song. Students will become the adults of the future; if we put little seeds of “Peace” in student’s consciousness then we can hope for a better future.

4        I would like to come to the school when it is convenient for the school’s schedule to record students reading or singing my “Peace” poem as a record for myself. But I would like to use students’ voices to combine with the voices of other people and my “Peace” artwork for the production of my “Peace” project.

5        I would love to present my “Peace” Project everywhere, in churches, synagogues, masques, schools, and any organization or club because we all need peace. My “Peace” project is for everybody, no matter what one’s religion, race or nationality. The project can be expanded to larger activities or reduced to smaller activities such as simply writing comments on the artwork. There is no copyright on my project. I welcome anybody to take the project to operate by themselves. I would encourage any artists or artists at heart to create more peace artworks. If musicians or any one who would like to create a “Peace” song according their own melody, it would be very nice. If it is possible I would like to see the artwork with written comments and know where the “Peace” project is taking place.

52 Shadow of Peace & Ing’s Poem in English & Thai

52 Shadow of Peace & Ing’s Poem in English & Thai, Ing’s artwork

A proposal to present the poem at any poetry reading in theatre:

1        If some one can read my “Peace” poem which takes less than 2 minutes that would be great.  Also before or after the whole show I would like to ask the audience to write the comments of “What does “Peace” mean to you?” on my Shadow of “Peace” artwork. By doing this we are recording history for future generations to see what people at this time think about peace.  Those who would like to participate, I would like to video people reading my “Peace” poem.

2        If more time is possible I would like to include the audio of other people reading the “Peace” poem in English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Thai about 8 minutes more, some one reads the poem for a total time of 10 minutes.

53 Shadow of Peace 14


 53 Shadow of Peace 14, Ing’s artwork

On Friday, September 24, 2010 while having lunch, I thought about writing a simple poem that relates to my “Peace” artwork.  As I looked out the window some little birds flew passed landing on the butterfly trees in our little backyard garden. In this quiet moment with nature the poem came to me. I quickly wrote down the poem and showed it to my husband.  He enjoyed the poem and helped me correct some of the writing.  Since then I have shown my poem to our customers and friends. They all seem to like the message of my poem.

54 Shadow of Peace 15 & Ing’s Peace Poem

54 Shadow of Peace 15 & Ing’s Peace Poem, Ing’s artwork

Peace poem has been translated into 23 languages, Arabic (Saudi Arabia),Bangladesh(2 versions), Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (2 versions), Croatian, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Kenya, Malayalam (Indian), Russian, Spanish (2 versions), Tagalog (Philippine), Thai (Thailand), Yoruba (Nigeria), Burmese (Burma or Myanmar), Pujabi (India and Pakistan), Hindi (India) and Sinhalese (Sri Lanka).

I would like to have my Peace poem translated into as many languages as possible so that when I post them on the internet people in other parts of the world will be able to read and understand my poem.  I am not a poet but my poem I believe is simple, calm and true.  The intent of this poem is to help people focus inward so the individual who reads the poem thinks about peace.  If people become calm, enjoy the moment and keep peace within, society will be more harmonious.

Greed brings corruption in all countries.  In developed countries it is secretive while in less developed nations it is more obvious and open.  Changing this requires changing the values in society.  We need to slow down, want less, think more and keep peace within ourselves. This is the only planet we have; we have to work together so peace and harmony will be shared by everyone.

I would like to have translations of my “Peace” poem by different people in the same language also because every one expresses themselves differently.  Different interpretations will help the reader concentrate on the intent of the poem. The more of us have peace within, the better for the world.

For a few months now I have video taped people reading my poem including a class of first grade students at Lincoln Schoolin Newark New Jersey. I asked permission from all who read the poem to use their voices for my “Peace” artwork project, which is the production of a short video to post on You Tube. All of the readers gave me permission to use their voices for my “Peace” project.

55 Shadow of Peace 16 Ing’s Peace Poem

55 Shadow of Peace 16 Ing’s Peace Poem, Ing’s artwork

56 Shadow of Peace & Ing’s Peace Poem

56 Shadow of Peace & Ing’s Peace Poem , Ing’s artwork

57 Shadow of Peace 18 & Ing’s Peace Poem

57 Shadow of Peace 18 & Ing’s Peace Poem, Ing’s artwork

58 Shadow of Peace 19

58 Shadow of Peace 19, Ing’s arkwork

59 Shadow of Peace 20

59 Shadow of Peace 20, Ing’s artwork

60 Shadow of Peace 21 & Ing’s Poem Yellow Rose

60 Shadow of Peace 21 & Ing’s Poem Yellow Rose, Ing’s artwork

61 Cherry Blossoms & Children

61 Cherry Blossoms & Children, Ing’s Photograph & artwork

Thank you for your interest and participation.

Sincerely yours,

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

6 Responses to Peace Project

  1. Suzanne DiMiceli says:

May 9, 2011 at 3:36 pm

Ing, This is a wonderful undertaking. It is thought-provoking and I think it is important that you are trying to reach children at any early age to get them thinking. It is a true labor of love and beautiful!


  • ing says:

May 20, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Hi Sue,

Thank you very much for your comments on my Peace Project.

I appreciate your generosity for wanting to have people in your area write comments on my Shadow of Peace artwork about “What does Peace mean to you?” You can help to spread the word Peace to any body, your co-workers, and your neighbors, young and old. We all need Peace but sometimes we are too busy with day to day life. We do not have time to think about Peace. I will send the print of the artwork, size 24 inches by 40 inches, one to you, and one to Kimmy. I will also send some of the prints of my “Peace Comes to You” poem. After print is completely filled with written comments please return it to me. I will create a new artwork utilizing the original print with the comments written upon the image. After that I will send one print of the finished artwork to you. Please do not rush, do the project when you have time. If you do not have time or get only some writing comments and you feel that you want to return the print to me please do so anytime. I do not want you to worry or trouble you about it.

It was very nice to receive your phone call of the good new about Kimmy’s pregnancy this evening. Congratulation! You and John are very lucky to have grand children. I hope one of these day John and I will be lucky too when Mali and Jim give us the good news.

I just finished a new project called “Cherry Blossoms” for my website last night about 4:30 AM.
The Cherry Blossoms page contains more than one thousand pictures of cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park. I took most of the pictures from this year, April 2011; only few pictures were from the previous years. I also included my writing about cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park that I wrote in 1994. When you have time please take a look and let me know what you think about the project.

We hope everyone is fine. We all are fine including Phyllis.



Author : Kimberly Comment:
This is a meaningful and artistic website. The beautiful paintings, poetry, and use
of world languages demonstrates that the hope of peace comes in many colors and from
many places. I am going to post it on my teacher website for my Human Rights
course. I hope that the artwork and the concept will continue to grow!

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you so much for your comments about my Peace Project. It is an excellent idea to post it on your teacher website for your Human Rights course. I told your mother about sending her my print of “Shadow of Peace” to have people in her area write the comments on “What does Peace mean to you?” I am going to send one to you also if you can ask your students or teachers or anyone to write their comments. I will also send some of the prints of my “Peace Comes to You” poem. After print is completely filled with written comments please return it to me. I will create a new artwork utilizing the original print with the comments written upon the image. After that I will send one print of the finished artwork to you. Please do not rush, do the project when you have time. If you do not have time or get only some writing comments and you feel that you want to return the print to me please do so anytime. I do not want you to worry or trouble you about it.




  1. Bianca says:

May 30, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Dear Aunt Ing,

I really believe that peace will overcome any badness in the world. Because badness will be vanished. Keep up the good work!:)



  • ing says:

May 31, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Dear Bianca,

Thank you very much for your hopeful comment, my little one!

I wish with all my heart that your belief in peace will over come
any badness in the world and that badness will be vanished.

You are the best of the younger generation that will make the world become more beautiful.

You are a bright shining star in the sky.

But it is more important that you are a bright shining star of your parents, grandparents, uncle John and me.

With all my love,

Aunt Ing


  1. Karin de la Penha says:

June 24, 2011 at 10:26 am

It was a delight to meet you last night, Ing (at John’s terrific play: The Magic Stick). I was impressed by what you showed me from your art work binder, and having now been to your site, even more impressed by your artistry and your dedication to what must surely be the most important movement on the planet–in that it impacts all other important humane undertakings. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes regarding peace:
From Yeats’ poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”:
And I shall have some peace there,for peace comes dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings;
There midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening full of the linnets wings.
And, from Buddha:
Better than a thousand useless words is one word that gives peace.


  • ing says:

June 25, 2011 at 10:23 pm

Hi Karin,

It was very nice to see you in person because John keeps talking about you. He admires your acting ability. After I watched your performance I agree with John. You are an impressive performer; I hope you get more performance on Broadway soon. Just don’t break your legs.

Thanks for your kind words about my Peace Project. I was glad that few days ago an architecture student from my old school, NJIT came to pick up my two large Shadow of Peace artwork (24 inches by 40 inches) to bring to Indiato promote the project while she is having five weeks vacation in her homeland. I also prepared a similar project to send to New Mexicoto my husband’s nephew and his wife, and their daughter, who teaches English literature in high school. A few more people who came to our shop are interested in bringing my Peace Project to their university and work places. Please let me know if you know any theatres or places that would like to participate in my Peace Project.

Yeats’ poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” is very powerful. I have read it four times now. I hope people who view the Peace Project page on my website will enjoy Yeats’ poem also.

Take care,


Link to Ing’s Peace Project Translated into Arabic (Saudi Arabia) page:

Go to the top



7 responses to “Ing’s Peace Project”

  1. Steeve Sam Avatar
    Steeve Sam

    I’m loving this site I truly am I am truly finding inspiration – My fault for the late response – Also the Newark museum show will be Ocotber 10th – from 6-9 – I’ll be sitting with Linda between today and tommorow to chat ! I will keep u posted ! thank you !

  2. ingon Avatar

    Thanks Steeve, I will talk to you tomorrow.


  3. Rita R. Strickland Avatar
    Rita R. Strickland

    PEACE MEANS QUIET. Absolute quiet. Quiet allows me to hear my soul through my inner voice. The Quiet allows me to hear GOD’s words, messages to me. Fulfillment of my soul through thoughts; calm clear thoughts. My heart rate slows-I can hear it-I reach my center. THUS PEACE!! PEACE MEANS QUIET.

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Dear Ing,

    What a wonderfull project and poetry!
    I was looking after inspiration for lyrics for one of my songs and while my researches, I had the idea to use the Yoruba langage (my father tong) in order to give to the music an african touch…

    Your poem “Ing’s Peace Project” really touched my heart. And I felt really to sing this message to everyone that can hear with the heart !!!
    Would you agree if I use the yoruba translation of your poem in one of my songs?
    The source ( “Ing’s Peace Project” and name) would be of course named in the details of the lyrics.
    I actually leave in Belgium.
    Waiting and thank you beforehand for your reply…

    Kind regards,


  5. ingon Avatar

    Dear Rachel,
    It will be an honor for me if you use my “Peace Come To You” poem in Yoruba for one of your songs. I would love to hear your songs including my poem. Yes you can use my poem to sing. Please let me know after you incorporate the poem with the music. I would love to hear your voice and the melody that you use for my poem.
    Sorry for late response I just opened my email. I usually use my Gmail more than for the website email.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    All the best for your success,
    Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

  6. Hunter Jackson Avatar
    Hunter Jackson

    Hi Mrs.Ing its me Hunter im glad this site is still up and everything is going well I hope your still doing well. Tell everyone I said Hi stay safe.

  7. ingon Avatar

    Hi Hunter,
    I am glad to hear from you. I miss you, your mother and your grandparents. Please stop by to see us when you have time or if you are in our area.
    I went to my website and opened the page of “Bianca and Hunter’s Artwork and Writing”. There are two posts, titles “The Great Earth City Part 1 & 2 by Hunter Jackson”. At the end of part 2, said – will be continued for part 3. I think if you still are interested in writing the story and artwork for part 3, it will be very nice. I understand if you do not have time.
    Thanks for writing to us.
    Ing & John

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