“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments

This is an invitation for millions of people world wide to comment on,  

“What does “Peace” mean to you?”


Ing’s Peace Project

On February 11, 2011 I launched my 10 minute video, titled “Shadow of Peace” on YouTube. The video is derived from the Peace poem that I wrote on September 24, 2010.  I also started a website: to promote peace conscious in one’s own being.

I also started, The Participation Art Project. One of the subdivision projects of this is my, Peace Project.  The process evolved into an attempt to have people write in answer to the question, “What does peace mean to you?”  This writing is done on multiple two by four foot prints that have the image of my peace sculpture.  Comments reflect personal interpretations of peace.    I have encouraged those who can do so, to write in different languages.  There are messages in many languages. In addition to displaying this project in our shop we have taken the project to a number of settings to have people participate.

 09.29.2010  Lincoln School, a fourth through eight grade school in Newark, NJ, organized by        Karma Cloud, Art teacher

05.04.2011  Kearny High School, in Kearny New Jersey, organized by Dorothy Caulfield, Director of guidance counseling, Kearny High School

05.15.2011  University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, first time, organized by Noreen Gomez, Facilities Program Specialist

08.06.2011  La Asociación de Barranquiteños de NJ Inc., Puerto Rican Festival in Newark , organized by Carlos Maldonado Pastrana, President of La Asociación de Barranquiteños de NJ

09.20.2011  University of  Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, second time, organized by Noreen Gomez, Facilities Program Specialist

10.23.2011  The Peace and Art Parade and festival run by the Barat Foundation in Newark, New Jersey, organized by Chandri and Gary Barat

11.05.2011  Peace Project at Jenny Green’s Party, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, organized by Jenny Green, Actor and web designer

12.12.2011  Peace Project at Gerald Fierst 259 Park Street Upper Montclair, NJ, First time, organized by Gerald and Marjorie Fierst 

02.23.2012  Peace Project at CANSTRUCTION ®KHS 498 Kearny Avenue, Kearny, NJ, organized by Paul and Danna Rogers 

02.23.2012  Peace Project at Gerald Fierst 259 Park Street Upper Montclair, NJ, Second time, organized by Gerald and Marjorie Fierst 

02.25.2012  Peace Project at Newark Museum, 49 Washington Street, Newark, NJ, organized by Stephen McKenzie, Director of the Art Workshop

03.22.2012  Marissa Blodnik Project Coordinator RCE of EssexCounty, 162 Washington St. Newark, NJ 07102 Brought  Ing’s Peace Poster to 4-H Youth Development for class study, organized by Marissa Blodnik

 03.31.2012  Salon Creative Lounge Event, presented by the International Women Artist’ salon, 154 Stanton Streetat Suffolk, New York City, NY, organized by Heidi Russell 

05.10-15.2012   Farbrook School and ST. Philips in Newark, Ben’s 2nd grade and two 4th grade classes also, the adults Comments and artworks, organized by Joanne Leone, Artist and Rebecca Champbell, Teacher

05.20.2012   New Peace Project, Peace with Nature and The Wall posters to be commented on at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, third time, organized by Noreen Gomez, Facilities Program Specialist

05-06.2012   Academy Street Firehouse Youths Comments and artworks and the youth also explored the concept of peace through animation and created a documentary about the process of making movies, Newark, New Jersey, organized by Chelsea Manifold, Artist and  stop motion animation  specialist

There were more people who took my Peace Posters to introduce friends, family and students to my Peace Project.  I also presented my Peace Poster for customers and others to comment on “What does “Peace” mean to you?” in our gift shop and art gallery at 57 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ.  Since September 2010 up to now I have completed twenty five of the Peace Posters filled with people comments.  I plan to do the artwork on these filled comments posters for a future art exhibition where a gallery can display a continuous wall of these prints with these personal messages of the  Peace project.

I am glad to see people who are generous and happy to share their thoughts of peace.  Can you imagine if people all over the world write their comments about peace and share this with everyone?  We might have no more wars.

 If we record our thoughts, then others can see what we have in common or how we are different.  Then we can begin a dialogue to understand one another and find common ground, helping one another to achieve peace and happiness, including people who are close to us, such as family or co-workers.

 If we are able to express our thoughts on Peace in a large number of people, perhaps millions, then we will have a collective voice to prove that we want Peace not War.

To achieve this I need help.  If everyone sends emails or post on Facebook asking friends and family to write comments on, “What does “Peace” mean to you?”, then forwards the comments to me, I will post the comments on my Peace Project website for all to see the thoughts of others about peace.  If you do not wish to write your full name with the comments, simply put your first name or initials.  Please, however, write the date so that we record history for future generations to see.

Please keep in mind that the intention of my Peace Project is to find peace in oneself, not externally.  What give us peace?  If we can find peace within, then we may become happier people.  We can smile and be pleasant to others and others will be able to feel it, generating a better atmosphere.

 Please  Email to:

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, June 12, 2012


“Peace” Comes To You

When you enjoy rain drops

“Peace” comes to you

 When you hear birds sing

“Peace” comes to you

When you see fish swim in clean water

“Peace” comes to you

When you hear children laugh

“Peace” comes to you

And when you hum while walking in the wood

“Peace” comes to you

And when you sit quietly watching the sun rise and set

Listening to the waves sing

Then “Peace” comes to you

Let “Peace” come to you in different ways

Let “Peace” be with us all

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, September 24, 2010

Shadow of Peace   Video on YouTube   by  Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

 “What does “Peace” mean to you?”

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