UMDNJ Art Gallery 2nd, October 20, 2011

Peace Project Came to UMDNJ Art Gallery for Second Time

My Latest artworks are “Gandhi & the Spinning Wheel of Life”, “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & I have a Dream” and “Vincent van Gogh & His Letters”.  These new art works are intended to inspire people about Peace and Nonviolence which is the main goal of my Peace Project. I started my project in September 2010 after finishing my Peace Sculpture during the months of June and July, 2010.  The responses from our customers that came to our shop were quite good.  I also went to schools, an art gallery and a community fair to promote the Peace Project.


On Thursday, October 20, 2011 John and I were busy with customers who came to our shop and I was also busy with the preparation for my Peace Project which was being presented at the UMDNJ-NJMS Fall Arts Festival 2011 reception.  It was started at 4 PM and end by 6PM.  We had to close our shop by 3 PM; usually we close by 6 PM.  I was very excited to see the artists who presented their work in the exhibition.  Among the seventy artists was one of our good friends, Joanne Leone and one of John’s pottery students and friend, Irene Riegner, who had their artwork in the exhibition also.  And it is always nice to see Noreen Gomez who is always busy organizing the exhibition and the reception arrangements to make sure it goes smoothly.


I was so glad to see the enthusiasm of the recipients toward my Peace Project.  I was very busy explaining my Peace Project to the attendants at the reception.  By the time the reception was ended I had no time to view all of the artwork in the exhibition.  I felt quit sad and disappointed when I returned home.  But then I knew that I wanted to take photographs of the artwork for my website.  The thought comforted me knowing that I would spend more time enjoying the other artists artwork later.  And I would wait until then. 



While I was busy telling people about my Peace Project I had a chance to take some pictures of the people who joined in recording their thoughts of “What does Peace mean to them?”  In doing so they were recording history for future generations.  This will help the future generations to understand that even though we are in the mist of wars and domestic troubles with high unemployment, housing foreclosure in the millions, political turmoil between Republican and Democrat.  Additionally youngsters have trouble with student’s loan that partially caused the protests of Occupied Wall Street.  With all this happening there was still a small group of people who have come together and created a peaceful atmosphere for a moment of happiness that last forever in the memory of all the participants.

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