Snow on the roof

Snow on the roof

Downtown Newark, New Jersey

On Monday, February 3rd, 2014

 On Monday, February 3rd there was a heavy Snow in our region.  We are in downtown Newark and snow was coming down quite heavy.  Our worry was the accumulation of snow on our second floor flat roof.  John went on the roof and started to remove snow, if not we might have water seeping in and causing a bad leak into the apartment below.  I took advantage to record the video of John working hard and seeing the white snow blanket the roofs of the buildings nearby.  There was also a beautiful view of the clock tower of Rutgers University Law School building, and a large Rutgers Newark logo on top of one of the tall Rutgers University buildings.  The view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral stands tall reaching to the sky with a cross at the apex. 

 I enjoyed taking the video and photographs but poor John was working hard.  Snow kept coming down harder, which was good for my video but John had to work harder to get it done before sunset.  As I moved my camcorder to the clock tower showing the time passing, the clock was ticking.   It waited for no one for if we wait all that valuable time is lost.  Fighting among people and wars all over the world are wasting essential time, for before we realize it people will become old and die.

Today the news announced that Sid Caesar, the famous entertainer died.  Shirley Temple the famous young Hollywood star died yesterday.  Amiri Baraka died recently. Nelson Mandela died late last year.  Many more famous, and not famous people, will leave this earth sooner or later.  So before we go we should spend time wisely, because the clock keeps ticking and waits for no man.

Snow and Time

Snow on the roof

Old man moving the snow


Glass tree surface

By the church


Snow on top

Muted Symbol of cross


Cock crows West and East

By the cross on the sky


The clock is running

Telling time passing by


Old man is working still


Cannot stop time passing

And snow is coming down


Wishing for Peace

On Earth with us now


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Tuesday, February 4th, 2014, 10:29 pm

Snow on the Roof 2.3.14 Snow & Time  (9:06 minutes)

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