Happy Father, Mother’s Day & For All

Father’s Day is coming soon, this Sunday, June 17, 2012 and Mali’s birthday was on June 6.  I would like to do some artwork for them but my right arm is quite sick from working too hard on doing artwork and other things.  So I went back in time looking at the old work.  Last year, I wrote a poem and a drawing for Father’s Day for John but my website got hacked in February 2012.  All my works were wiped out including the Father’s Day page.  I liked the contents so I posted the same thing again.  I found the Father’s Day card that I made for John in 2003 and also one of John’s poems that he wrote for Mali which is suitable for the card that I made for John.  So let us enjoy the past as it still hold true now and for the future.    

 Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers

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Happy Father’s Day John!

Hi Mali & Jim, 

All of us look good and happy in my little forest.  You made your Daddy very happy.  Thanks to you and Jim, you both are good kids.  We parents always love the children no matter what but when the children show their love to parents then it becomes a heaven on earth to all the parents. 

Check my father’s Day poem, it is just for you and for your Daddy!

Father’s Day


Umm———————————umm, British breakfast!!!!!!!!! 

I am longing for, 

Bangers, ham, beans and eggs in one plate, 

Don’t forget fried tomato and mushroom, 

May I have toast, butter with orange marmalade, 

Ing! Mali called, she said she is going to make a British breakfast for me, 

All night long John was dreaming of Father’s Day breakfast, 

Hi! Dad! Mali came with all the goody that she promised, 

Dad! I got one more little gift for you, 

Smurfs! Smurfs video! John cries with excitement, 

He hugs her as he remembers watching the Smurfs show on TV 

With her in the afternoon when she was a little girl, 

Father’s Day! Father’s Day! 

This is what father wants to be loved and to love a child.


  Tea time

Polite conversation

Miss Piggy or Smurfet

Thimble size cups lifted genteelly


One eye open

Cinderella’s slipper lost once more

Violin held with serious intent

Notes bowing, Lightly Row

She sleeps and all is right with the world

There is peace in my memory


Curled in my lap

Trusting as no other can


From memory to memory

She stands where once her mother stood

Her trust now in his hands

Before her the promise

The gift of bonding

New life and old becoming one

Teatime will hearten another

Repeating, giving, warming


John’s poem to Mali, our daughter in 2003


Below is the passage I wrote for Mali last year for her birthday:


Mali loves coral roses.  These three roses are from our backyard.  These beautiful roses blossomed just two weeks ago.  As the cold chill of winter departs and the spring season arrives our garden begins to awaken.  Day by day the weather is getting warmer and the plants sprout greeting the spring. Our daffodils come out first; the bleeding heart pink flowers show their beauty next.  As the world turns to the beginning of May our yellow and velvet climbing roses blossom to full broom.  The pink and coral roses are starting to open from the first buds.  And pretty soon the large beautiful pink and coral roses are brightening the garden even more.  The spring first blossom of roses is larger than the next one.  I love all flowers but roses are my favorite ones.  I am afraid to cut some of the roses to put in the vase because I think the flowers on the bushes are much nicer and last longer.  I like to keep the flowers as long as I can.  I know it will not last forever therefore I capture them in my camcorder and camera.  When I want to send my love to my daughter for I know which flowers will please her as they have pleased me before.

John said some friends gave him a kitten from the animal shelter to keep him company and chase away the mice when he lived around the corner on New Street, Newark, NJ.  But the poor little bugger kept making a mess because he did not want to go in the cat litter to do his number two business.  I decided to let him go he said.  I drove to the park intending to leave him there but when I heard him crying I felt weak and turned back home with cat sleeping at my side.  When John and I got together in the beginning Cat (John’s name for him) would bite my feet.  Then he got used to being with me and stayed near me while I was cooking because he knew that I was going to give him some treats.  Cat did not like baby Mali that much when she was born, especially when Mali was getting older and at about a year old she loved to pull cat’s tail.  Cat loved to stay near us but when he saw little Mali he would rush out fast before Mali could get his tail.  When Mali was growing up they become the best of friends. Mali would feed him with special treats.  Friday was takeout pizza night for us; Mali would give Cat a plate of small cuttings of pizza.  Cat would join in the dinner with us.  We usually let Cat go outside of the house, but one day he brought a dead bird to show us. Then he got fleas so badly we had to throw out some of our furniture and other things.Mali bathed him and kept him warm and dried with a blanket as she held him like a baby. Mali made a long leash for Cat to walk with her in the garden because we did not want Cat to go outside alone for fear that Cat would catch the fleas again.  We all had broken hearts when Cat passed away when he was about twenty one years old.

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

I found a Valentine’s Day message that I wrote for Mali on Friday, February 14, 1997.  I would like to let her know how much I love her and it is still holds true for now and always.

Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day?

Do you know my love?

My mali

I selected strawberries just for you

As I know they are your favorite fruit

Did you drink your milk yet?

I ask you everyday

 Concern that your delicate bone would be O.K.

I quick fired broccoli with fresh garlic and a touch of soy sauce

So that you can get the best vitamins from the food

I used chicken breast without fat and skin

To cook for your protein

I bought fresh oranges and lemons

For your vitamin C

Alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato, onion, red pepper and others

Fresh vegetables for your salad

Because I learned that fresh food give you enzymes to digest

Your food and also gives you vitamins and minerals

That your body needs

Oh! Don’t forget fresh carrot for your beautiful eyes

With Beta-carotene and fiber

You see my dear

You are my every fresh breath of oxygen for my lungs

My heart beats are the rhythm of your name

Do you think that is good answer enough for

What is Valentine’s Day my child?

So have a happy Valentine’s Day

And for everyday of your life

From your mother ,   Love, Ing  



 Every Saturday my little student and friend,  who just turn six at the beginning of this year, his name is Hunter, usually has a math lesson with me at 3 PM for an hour.  But this Saturday his mother was busy moving in to her new house.  So Hunter’s grandma told me that he might not come to class this Saturday.  I said don’t worry consider the class closed this week, he doesn’t have to come for the lesson. 

On Saturday at 4 PM someone rang our bell.  I went out and saw Hunter saying, “Hi! Miss Ing!  His grandma said he would like to see me.  I felt very good that my little math student likes me. I said “Would you like to come in?  You will not have to do the math lesson today but you can do  artwork for Father’s Day, which is tomorrow.”  He was so happy to come in.  I gave him two sheets of paper and color markers. 

Below are two of Hunter’s Father’s Day cards, one for his Dad and other is for his grandpa with a little help from me:


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts                       Sunday, June 19, 2011

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