“What does “Peace” mean to you?” comments 1

“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-1 

1  Peace is in your heart and soul.

2  Peace is love, liberty, be happy.   Rosi  11.11.2010

3  Peace is loving life to the fullest.  Dolores  10.13.2010

4  Peace is living your life wholly in the true spirit of love.  Omar  9.10.2010

5  Peace is something you feel deep down in your soul.  The absent of fear and the present of hope!  Juneann- Olivia  11.22.2010

6  Peace is powerful calm of belonging after the storm.  9.11.2010

7  Peace can bring us all together.  Pat  9.15.2010

8  Love is the flower and the fruit of it is PEACE.  Micki  1.8.2011

11 Peace is following the word of God.  Alexsandra  9.24.2010

 12 “Only the giver gets”  Martin

“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-2

13  I thought my children would grow in a world of Peace — now.  I am wishing the same for my grandchildren.  Pray for peace.  Wane  9.23.2010

14  Peace is waging war against the negativity in life.  Nami Myoho  9.17.2010

15  Peace is limitless acceptance and love.

16  Peace is knowing that God will —   Judith  9.9.2010

17  Simple, just living one day at a time.  11.11.2010

18  Peace is love.  Loving each other. Nancy  9.19.2010

19  Peace to me means love each other and happy to each another.

20  A State of calm —.  Quon  9.9.2010

21  Peace is happy and love.  Marbel  11.11.2010

22  Peace is love.  9.9.2010

23  Peace is an Art. Mali  9.25.2010

24  Peace is love, happiness from family provided by God.  Omi  10.8.2010

25  Peace is togetherness, happiness and love.  10.9.10

26  Peace is enjoying the wind running through your hair with no worrying taking in the sun and appreciating the world as is.  Sky  9.18.2010

“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-3

27  Is peace real or only a shadow of war?  Only you can decide.  John  10.05.2010

I refuse to live in the shadows.  Peace is real.

“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-4

28  Peace to me is a special place in which I feel save, tranquil and at ease ….  I smile and I exhale a breath of a happiness and a sign of relief for I know we will all find this special place within.  Rashidart  10.15.2010 

29  I love you!  Cyndi  9.25.2010 

30  Peace is able to live a world where you allow your mind to run freely with no limitations.  Tiffani  9.23.2010 

31  Peace is empty mind.  Kira  9.15.2010 

32  Peace is calmness of your heart.  Nico 

33  Peace is an abundance of health, wealth and happiness for every living thing.  Jim  11.25.2010 

34  Peace means to me: Love – Happiness.  Getting along to other.  Rose&Rudy  9.11.2010 

35  The great energy of love, peace and happiness.  Charles & Charlotte 

36  Peace is when the world lives in harmony without fear.  Bernice Hall  9.17.2010 

37  Peace is taking the time to listen, understand and work together.  10.20.2010 


 39  Peace is happiness.  Ijeoma  9.26.2010

 40  Peace means Happiness and peace of mind.  Maripin  15.2010

 41  Peace is presence of the love of the creator.  9.27.2010

 42  Communication is peace.  Josie  9.17.2010

 43  Peace is chaos at sleep.  Andrew  10.9.2010

 44  Peace is Happiness.  Larry  12.24.2010

 “What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-5

 45  Peace to all.  2.9.2010

46  Paz (Heart = Love) and Happiness, knowing our higher self leads to a glorious future!

47  Peace is quiet in your mind.  11.1.2010

48  Peace is when everyone is in harmony and there is no war.  Lauren  9.17.2010 



50  Peace is when all countries can get along.  Sheldar  9.17.2010

51  Peace – A quiet freedom without animosity. B.A.B.  11.23.2010

52  Peace is the only foundation.  Inga  10.20.2010

53  Kapayapaan ay ilaw ng Kalulu wa (Peace is the soul’s light)  John  10.9.2010

54  Peace is ultimate tranquility.  Angel

55  God is Peace.  9.24.2010

56  Peace is when people get together as one and be happy and look out for each other.                 Rim–   10.5.2010

57  Peace is within when we all avert.  Peace within then peace will be everywhere.  Ron  9.17.2010

58  Peace is a peace of mind to all!!!  Matthew  10.8.2010

59  Peace is the end of mankind and the beginning of human kindness.  9.17.2010

60  Peace means love and unity.  Vennessa  12.4.2010

61  Peace is the willing suspension of judgment for understanding.  Taj  9.10.2010

62  Peace is something we will never achieve so long as we have to ask the meaning of it.  Kai  9.23.2010

 “What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-6

63  Peace is the well being of the mind, body & soul.  Karen  12.11.2010

64  Peace is when the mind is quiet and compassionate.  Sarah  10.9.2010

65  Peace is a fruitage of God’s sprit! Doris  10.11.2010

66  Peace is freedom. (e)

67  In God we trust, man must understand that so that all men can see the truth. L. Oquendo

68  Peace is feeling when people get together and have the ability to be friends.  10.5.2010

69  Peace!  Treat each other as you wish to be treated!

70  Peace is tranquility for all.  Myles  9.23.2010

71  Peace is happiness.  Radhej  9.9.2010

72  Peace is happiness. Roy  9.26.2010

73  Peace is happiness and security.  Uche  9.9.2010

74  Happy are those who are conscious of the need for peace.  Linda  12.23.2010


76  Peace is an allowance for space and being.  Mel  12.22.2010


78  Respect for one and other.  Cindy  12.23.2010

79  Peace is knowing who you are in Christ and in life.  Laiya  9.9.2010

80  Peace on Earth some day!  Greg

81  Living without fear.  Lenzy  9.17.2010

82  Love and happiness, someone is fighting for me.  Always  9.28.2010

83  Peace is joy, tranquility and stability.  Peace is also love.  Larry  9.9.2010

84  Peace is life worth living in harmony for all.  Love-N-Respect.  10.8.2010

“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-7

85  Peace is contentment, no worries.  12.7.2010

86  Peace is when animals are no longer killed.  Anne  9.23.2010

87  Peace is the song of wild birds at down and the calls of the wind at dusk.  9.17.2010

 88  Peace means your “state of mind”.  Michael  9.9.2010

 89  Love yourself then you find peace.  S. W.


90  Peace is a symphony helping each reach their own dream.  9.26.2010

 91  Peace is attained through shared goals and helping each other out and foregoingour selfish animalistic inclination.  Oscar  9.25.2010


“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-8

93  Peace is when many become one.  Hector  12.20.2010

94  Peace is understanding.  Angela  9.14.2010

95  Peace: understanding, acceptance, compassion.  Titi  12.23.2010

96  Peace is love and acceptance for all and the universe.  Amber  9.26.2010

97  Peace is accepting our differences and believing we are “One”.  Sheila  9.17.2010

98  Love and harmony, my loves Mom, Victoria and Kelly.

99  Peace is Peace.  Miln  9.9.2010

100  Peace is when all worries are no more.  Peace is Christ.  Christina  9.26.2010

101  Peace of mind is peace.  Children eyes are Peace.  Glow of Love is peace.  Maria  9.9.2010

102  What peace means to me, Freedom to live, work, interact with others.  We are all one human race.  We must all live together.  Johnson  9.29.2010

103  Peace lies in wait for all of us.  It has teeth, abide and hunger ……..  It needs to be fed by those willing to sacrifices, willing to give, willing to be in shadow sometimes so that light touches us all.  Menero  9.19,2010

104  Peace is accepting everyone for who they are and the appreciating the beauty in all.  9.9.2010

105  Peace is faith in the  brightness of your future.  Shaka  11.23.2010

106  Peace is balance, an ethernal “Yes” in the world of “Nos” ….  Stability and joy from within.  Dan  9.23.2010


108  Peace is letting go of your want for pain. Davis  10.9.2010

109  Peace is when you are able to look at your life and how you function in the world and say “All is well!”.  Mike  9.19.2010

110  Peace I where all have inner peace.  Mulder  9.25.2010

111  Peace means “People”  Kyle  12.24.2010


“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-9 

 112  Communication is Peace.  Josie  9.17.2010

113  Peace is when we don’t pollute the world.  Maia  9.23.2010

114  Peace Is ahaos at sleep.  Andrew  10.9.2010

115  Peace to me is love and happiness.  Charles  9.24.2010

116  Peace is calm within.  Jen  11.18.2010

117  Being respectfully, left alone.  Andre’  9.26.2010

118Peace is when we can understand each other.  Stefon  12.24.2010

119  Peace is being thoughtful of your fellow man. 

120  Peace is living in harmony.  Patty  9.24.2010

121  Peace is sharing your gift with others.  Karma  9.26.2010

122  Peace is happiness.  Dolo

123  Peace is love.   Sharnera  10.20.2010

124  Peace: The last moment before my eyes close forever and I realize it wasn’t all for nothing. P.J.M.  10.7.2010

125  Peace to me is a warm day in the sun, the feel of fresh air on my face, climbing into bed after the day well spent.  Peace is something I fight in my life.  If you want peace in the world it must start within you. Chelsea  10.7.2010

“What does “Peace” mean to you?” Comments1-10

126   Peace- a shadow with double strength if given enough son and energy.


128  Peace is hope and faith.  Savera  9.9.2010

129  Peace is living under God’s perfect.  Grace  12.4.2010


131  Peace is joining of act of our souls in friendship.  Tom  12.31.2010

132  Peace is an inner feeling of calmness, gentleness, even greatness.  One love and harmony.  Joyce  (.22.2010


134  Peace is a happy home.  MK  12.22.2010

135  Peace is the freedom not to fear!  Pat

136  Peace is a smile from a strenger.  Frank  9.15.2010

137  Peace is asleep and love to be awaker.  Jasper

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