Happy Mother’s Day! Roses for All Mothers


Hello mom, how are you?  —————–  I miss you.  Good Bye.


Hi Mom!  What are you doing?  ——  Don’t work too hard.  I’ll talk to you again.  Bye.

Hi mom thanks for the cake.  ————–  We enjoyed it, talk to you later.  Bye. 

Hi mom thanks for taking care of the little one.  ———- We miss you.  Bye.


Hi mom, what did you have for dinner?  ————  That sounds good.  Bye.

Hi mom!  Did you enjoy the music?  ——-  We like it too.  Talk to you soon.  Bye.

Hi mom thanks for the food.  ———–  We enjoyed it.  Talk to you later.  Bye.

Hi mom!  How is your cold?  ———  I hope you feel better soon.  Bye.

Hi mom!  We like your pictures.  —–  I’ll send you ours.  I am glad you O.K.  Bye.

Hi mom!  Did you enjoy your trip?  ———-  We miss you too.  Bye.

 Hi mom thanks for your concern.  ————  I agree with you.  Good night.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  ———–  We’ll see you soon.  Love you.    

These roses were from our backyard garden.  They were the first roses that blossomed this year.  The first roses arrived in the early spring around the end of April or the beginning of May.  I took pictures of these roses on Tuesday, May 9, 2012 around one and two o’clock in the afternoon.  It rained in the morning.  Luckily the rain was not heavy enough to destroy the roses.  In the afternoon the rain stopped and I ran out to the garden to capture the first blossoms of roses.  The light was just right for taking pictures as the sun light was not as bright after the rain.  I wish I could send all these beautiful roses to all mothers for Mother’s Day, but it is impossible.  At least my website is able to deliver my wish to the mothers who open this page and know that someone out there loves to be a mother and loves her mother just like all mothers do.  So please enjoy the beauty of these roses and may the roses give you happiness and joy as I know that you try your best to give love and joy to your children and to your mother always.    

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