My Snow Garden

Snow on the Garden Chair

Snow on the chair

No one sitting there


Quiet time


Blanket of snow

Covers the ground


Time to sleep


Let snow drip

To earth


Time to rest


Drops of snow

Keep me alive


Show my beauty

After a quiet rest


I will be fresh

In spring


Someone sitting

On the empty chair


Greeting me

In spring


Snow drops


Snow drips


Giving me life

In a quiet time


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Friday, February 8, 2013, 8:12 pm


My Snow Garden


At the window beyond the bars


I peak at my garden producing snow trees


Pure white from the sky


Snow keeps my plants alive till spring


  Shivering chill outside


 My plants retire underground


Mother earth warming

 Protecting the roots from freezing cold


Thanks to the snow that turns to water under the soil


  There is a way for life to survive


 When cold winter comes


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Saturday, February 9, 2013, 4:25 pm

Appreciate simple things around you


Minimize luxury life styles


 Be more concerned with conservation


  Be generous and kind


 Remove ill thought


  Broaden your knowledge


 Learn and do your best


  Understand things beyond yourself


If you are still dissatisfied


 Then sleep and after your rest


 Try again the next day

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Saturday, February 9, 2013, 4:38 pm


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