Ing’s Poems

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Remembering Till the End

Worth to be Born

Link to Remembering Till the End and Worth to be Born page:

Trip to Chinatown


Link to Trip to Chinatown and Breast Feed the Little one:


Ducks and Geese

Life Is Too Short For Fighting

Link to Ducks and Geese and Life Is Too Short For Fighting page:


The Daily News “House of Turds”

Link to The Daily News “House of Turds”

 My Tomorrow Has Gone

 Solar Rays Turn the Building into Gold

Link to My Tomorrow Has Gone aend Solar Rays Turn the Building into Gold page:

Solar Rays (Solar Rays on Downtown Newark, New Jersey)

Fall Garden (Bee Pretending to be Dead)

Link to Solar Rays and Fall garden page: 

One World Trade Center

Link to One World Trade Center 9.8.2013 page:

Golden Swallowtail Butterfly

White Cosmos & Bees

Link to Golden Swallowtail Butterfly and White Cosmos & Bees page: 

Drops of Life

Link to Drops of Life page:

 Torn US Flag

 When Beauty Lasts 

 Link to Torn US Flag and When Beauty Lasts Page: 

Equality for All

You are Beautiful


Link to Equality for All, You are Beautiful and Supermoon page:

Jane Goodall Then and Now

We Love You Jane

Mali Loves Pink

Link to We Love you Jane and Mali Love Pink page: 


No More War


Link to No More War  and Cultivate page: 

Waiting for You

Look Up

Link to Waiting for You and Look Up page: 

Pretty Ivy Wall

Link to  Pretty Ivy Wall page: 

Link to Dried Roses and Where page, Ing’s Poems for her mother: 

Link to The Lonely Potter page:

Link to The Potter’s Hands page:

Link to Human Race Forward Or Backward page:

Link to My Snow Garden page:

 Link to The Stairway And The Looking Glass page:

Link to Going Back to Nature & faces Of Human Souls page:




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