Bianca and Hunter’s Artwork and Writing

Myncee, Fire Flowers and the Peace Head family

 Artworks by Bianca S. Camacho and Aunt Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

Story by Ing-on Vibulbhan-Watts

Last week I received a letter from Bianca.  It was a very nice surprise to see Bianca’s artwork, a drawing character names Myncee and a fire flower.  I was very busy making four short videos for YouTube and organizing the photos and writing of The 6th Annual Arts and Music Fair at Elwood Park, Newark, New Jersey that John and I participated on Saturday, August 11, 2012.  I did not have time to answer Bianca.  I did not want to just tell her that I received her letter but rather, I wanted to do something special for her.  By having some time to think I came to the conclusion that I should open a special page on my website for Bianca.  When she sends me her artwork or writing I can post it on her own page for others to see.  This will be a good example for other young people to start doing some artwork and writing.

 Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts         Thursday, September 20, 2012

 Hi Kimberly and Bianca,

Thank you so much for Bianca’s lovely letter.  I apologize for not answering you sooner because I was very busy with a large project to be finished.

The attachment is a small project of my art work joining with Bianca’s drawing of a character.  If both of you like it and approve, I would like to open a page on my website for Bianca, again, with your permission.

 I hope everyone is fine.  John and I are O.K.  Please give my love to everyone and our hugs and kisses to Bianca and Ava.

Hope to hear from you soon.


 Ing         9.18.2012 

 Hi this is Bianca.  I am writing to you to say thank you for taking time to make that story, I LOVED IT!!!!!. Also, I also give you permission to make a website for me.  That is really cool.  I have never had a website before!  I am currently working on fictional snake beings and I will have to send you some pictures of them.   You are really cool and inspirational and make a big impact in my life.  While I am writing to you I have just finished reading The Hunger Games.  I am currently reading Charlotte‘s Web.  You are a truly brilliant person. Tell Uncle John that I said that I would like to see some of his artwork and that my mom has one of his paintings in her classroom, also that I said “Hello!”  🙂 :0 😉  


Bianca             9.23.2012 


Hi Bianca & Kimberly,

Thank you for your response.  I am glad you love the story.  The following is the link to the web page that I opened especially for you on my Ing’s Peace Project website:

I would love to see your fictional snake being pictures. 

It is very nice that you spend time to read different books.  You can be a book adviser.  After you finished a book you can write short comments, for example, What did you like about this book?  Why did you not like the book?  What is the story line?  Do you recommend this book to other people? I can post your comments and recommendation on your web page.  I have a seven year old boy who I teach math on Saturday afternoon for an hour, once a week.  His name is Hunter.  He read very well.  He would probably like to read the books that you recommend.

Uncle John said to say hello to you too.  He loves Myncee and your fire flower.  He said you write so well and you are very nice and smart.  He will show you his artwork when he opens his website in the future.  He is now very busy memorizing his play to perform in a Jersey City theatre on September 29th & 30th.  He wishes you could see his performance.  You probably understand because you are an actor also.  We enjoyed seeing your performance pictures from, The Sound of Music.

First day of fall was yesterday.  Pretty soon the leaves from the tall trees will change colors from green to red, red to yellow and yellow to brown.  It will be as pretty as the spring flowers.  I hope you will enjoy this changing season as nature turns to colder weather.

Please give Ava hugs and kisses for us and please tell your Grandma Sue and Grandpa John that we love Ava’s pictures.  She is as cute as you and is growing up so fast.  Please send us more pictures of you and your sister.  Thanks to your mother and father for teaching and looking after both of you so well.

Love, Hugs & Kisses :  :), :), :), :), :), 🙂 six smiles, one each for your family and the other two for Grandma Sue and Grandpa John, 

Aunt Ing & Uncle John

PS. The reason that the chicken did not want to cross the road was because of the heavy traffic, with so many cars on the road.  There was no stop traffic light, so the chicken is smart not to cross the dangerous road.  Do you agree with the answer?



  Special Gifts from Bianca

 Special Gifts from Bianca

On Monday, June 6, 2011 I received a letter from Bianca, my little niece from New Mexico.


This card is in the envelope.


And a hand made Peace necklace.


I felt more than just glad.  It is overwhelming me.  I would like to call her to let her know that I received her precious card and gift. But then I thought that I should do something before I contact her.  I want to keep this valuable gift and her thoughts in my heart forever.  One of the things that I enjoy the most is artwork.  So I started to compose the artwork with the information that I received from Bianca.  And the result was the artwork above.


As usual I never do only one artwork.  With the advantage of technology in digital form I can experiment with difference colors and compositions.  I am satisfied with the colors and contents of this one.  Every time I look at this art work, I will see my little niece (she is only eight years old), Bianca’s necklace that she wanted me to remember her by, her design of the card and most significant of all, her philosophy, by which all of us can learn from her.  “Love is Peace, Peace is Hope, and Hope is Love.”


I added black frame for the final touch. 

This is a letter to Bianca from me and uncle John.

 Dear Bianca,

You really made my day with your card and beautiful Peace necklace.  I will keep them forever.  It is just like you can read my mind with your lovely Peace necklace. I do love flowers.  I always long for spring time so I can go out to our backyard and plant all kinds of plants.  This year I was lucky to see beautiful bright pink geraniums blossom in winter inside of our apartment.  We usually bring some of our plants inside the house during winter and take them outside to the backyard garden when the weather is warmer in spring.  

Butterflies!  Oh, butterflies!  We planted five butterfly bushes in the backyard quite a few years ago.  Now they have become quite big trees.  Two of them have the branches that spread out and join together forming an umbrella like covering which gives us cool shade to put a table and chairs underneath the trees for our special time outside for lunch and dinner in the backyard garden.  But the most important of all is when the butterfly bushes produce the flowers with a cluster of small little flowers in white or purple with beautiful lilac fragrance that fills the air to draw in all kinds of butterflies for the nourishing nectars during the summer time.  One summer few years ago we saw eight Monarch butterflies at one time in the afternoon.  We enjoy seeing Monarch butterflies every year but some years we also see Swallowtail butterflies and other kinds.  I think you probably know the name of butterflies better than me. 

The little heart represents my love to you.  And the Peace sign is my life that I devote for the cause. I will keep this necklace in a special place where no one can take it, except once in a while I might allow Mali, our daughter and your cousin, to wear it. Mali wants me to send her love to you also.  She said she loves the necklace and the card, especially your comments about Peace.

Thank you so much for the gift and your insight of what Peace mean to you.  Peace means different things to different people.  But sometimes life is too busy for grow ups to think about peace.  If they do not think about Peace then they do not understand what Peace means to them, even though we all need Peace in our lives.

As I said that “You are a bright shinning star for the future.”  We need younger people to think more about Peace just as you do. We can hope that there will be less war or no war at all for your generation who will be the leaders in the future. 

Please give our love to your Mom, Dad and grandparents.  We hope all of you are fine.  We all are quite well.  Your mail came just at the right time, it was Mali’s birthday.  It made us all very, very, very, ———————– Happy! 


Aunt Ing & uncle John

Hi Kimberly, 

Thank you so much for being an excellent mother.  You teach Bianca so well.  She is mature more than her age.  This is due to your actions as a mother.  The other one is coming soon and is going to be a very smart and a good child again because of your nurturing. 

I wrote a letter to Bianca and did some artwork in which I combined one small photo of Bianca in my artwork (see the attachment) that I would like to get your permission to post on my website in the Peace Project page.

I am going to call your Mom and Dad at home to get your telephone number to say thanks to you and Bianca. 

Please let me know about your decision.  If you do not want her photo used in my artwork I will understand and can remove the photo from my artwork (my email is 



  1. Suzanne DiMiceli says:

May 9, 2011 at 3:36 pm

Ing, This is a wonderful undertaking. It is thought-provoking and I think it is important that you are trying to reach children at any early age to get them thinking. It is a true labor of love and beautiful!


  • ing says:

May 20, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Hi Sue,

Thank you very much for your comments on my Peace Project.

I appreciate your generosity for wanting to have people in your area write comments on my Shadow of Peace artwork about “What does Peace mean to you?” You can help to spread the word Peace to any body, your co-workers, and your neighbors, young and old. We all need Peace but sometimes we are too busy with day to day life. We do not have time to think about Peace. I will send the print of the artwork, size 24 inches by 40 inches, one to you, and one to Kimmy. I will also send some of the prints of my “Peace Comes to You” poem. After print is completely filled with written comments please return it to me. I will create a new artwork utilizing the original print with the comments written upon the image. After that I will send one print of the finished artwork to you. Please do not rush, do the project when you have time. If you do not have time or get only some writing comments and you feel that you want to return the print to me please do so anytime. I do not want you to worry or trouble you about it.

It was very nice to receive your phone call of the good new about Kimmy’s pregnancy this evening. Congratulation! You and John are very lucky to have grand children. I hope one of these day John and I will be lucky too when Mali and Jim give us the good news.

I just finished a new project called “Cherry Blossoms” for my website last night about 4:30 AM.
The Cherry Blossoms page contains more than one thousand pictures of cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park. I took most of the pictures from this year, April 2011; only few pictures were from the previous years. I also included my writing about cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park that I wrote in 1994. When you have time please take a look and let me know what you think about the project.

We hope everyone is fine. We all are fine including Phyllis.



Author : Kimberly Comment:
This is a meaningful and artistic website. The beautiful paintings, poetry, and use
of world languages demonstrates that the hope of peace comes in many colors and from
many places. I am going to post it on my teacher website for my Human Rights
course. I hope that the artwork and the concept will continue to grow!

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you so much for your comments about my Peace Project. It is an excellent idea to post it on your teacher website for your Human Rights course. I told your mother about sending her my print of “Shadow of Peace” to have people in her area write the comments on “What does Peace mean to you?” I am going to send one to you also if you can ask your students or teachers or anyone to write their comments. I will also send some of the prints of my “Peace Comes to You” poem. After print is completely filled with written comments please return it to me. I will create a new artwork utilizing the original print with the comments written upon the image. After that I will send one print of the finished artwork to you. Please do not rush, do the project when you have time. If you do not have time or get only some writing comments and you feel that you want to return the print to me please do so anytime. I do not want you to worry or trouble you about it.




  1. Bianca says:

May 30, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Dear Aunt Ing,

I really believe that peace will overcome any badness in the world. Because badness will be vanished. Keep up the good work!:)



  • ing says:

May 31, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Dear Bianca,

Thank you very much for your hopeful comment, my little one!

I wish with all my heart that your belief in peace will over come
any badness in the world and that badness will be vanished.

You are the best of the younger generation that will make the world become more beautiful.

You are a bright shining star in the sky.

But it is more important that you are a bright shining star of your parents, grandparents, uncle John and me.

With all my love,

Aunt Ing

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