Photograps and Emails Correspondences of Peace Project Participators

I started my Peace Project around September 2010.  Since then I have accumulated the written comments on “What does “Peace” mean to you?” from people who came to our shop.  I also took pictures of people who participated in my Peace Project.  I always tell people that I have a Peace Project website if they do not mind I would like to post their pictures in my website.  Most of people would say they do not mind.  But I did not have time to organize the contents before.  Today is a good day for me to start because I would like to share with others who view my website.  Beside the pictures I found that the email correspondences of people who wrote to me are important for the other as well.  The followings are people who participated in my Peace Project: 


Hi Michael & Sharome,

 It was nice to see you and your family today.  I hope you and your family have some time helping to spread the word of Peace out to more people.

 The attachments are five pictures of both of you and daughter that I took today.  Please respond when you receive the pictures.




 It was really a pleasure meeting you and your husband today.  It  was an honor making your acquaintance and receiving a tour and brief  exhibition of your life’s work.  I will surely help you to spread the  word about your “Project Peace”. You have invested an enormous amount  of time and love in this global need and illuminate the necessity for  a peace as a remedy for life, today more than any other time in the  history of the world.

  Thanks again for the pictures.  Please feel free to contact us if you  need any volunteer assistance.


 Sharome, Sashay and Michael


 Hi Sharome, Sashay & Michael,

 Thank you very much for your eloquent response.  I enjoyed seeing a family coming out together, having a good time and good relationship in the family.  “I will surely help you to spread the word about your “Project Peace”. You have invested an enormous amount of time and love in this global need and illuminate the necessity for a peace as a remedy for life, today more than any other time in the history of the world.”

 Your writing above is music in my ears.  Most of the time people are too busy to get involve.  I can understand because life today is too busy and most of the time people just want to relax and do not want to do anything else.  But life is just like growing plants, if we do not water and cultivate them the result is going to be poor or they will not survive at all.  I appreciate that you want to take an effort in pursue my Peace Project.  All of us are an interconnected chain in some way or the other.  As you are willing to spend your time to participate in any Peace undertaking, you show a very good example for your children and younger generations.

I like the pictures of both of you together and with your lovely daughter.  She is a beautiful and well mannered young lady.  I will be glad to give her my Peace Project poster to show her friends and other students in school to write the comments on “What does “Peace” means to you?”  If both of you can help her to organize, it would be a nice project and she can remember the event for the rest of her life.

 Thank you for offering to volunteer assistance.  It is very generous of you.  If you have another good idea for my Peace project please do not hesitate to let me know.

 All the best,


 PS. I plan to open new page on my website for people that I took pictures of with my peace poster and the emails responses and other people’s ideas and comments.  Do you mind if I post your pictures and our email correspondences in my website?  If not I can understand.

 Hi Ing,

 You have my permission to post my photos on your website.  All for a good cause.


This email is from Ms. Ing.  Please keep in contact with her.  You could use her exhibits to promote a cause important to all. 


 Michael A. Samuel


 Hi Michael,

 Thank you so much for your permission.  I will post the new page tomorrow.  Today I am going to post the cherry blossom pictures that I took yesterday.  If you have time please take a look at my Cherry Blossom page.  This year cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park will be blossomed in full bloom earlier than the years before.  Maybe you would like to take your family to see the cherry blossoms in the early April.   Please check my website on the Diary page for your pictures and the correspondence.

 I hope to see you and your family in our shop again.

 All the best,















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  1. Bellwether Avatar

    Heyy thats a cool idea how you got people who came in from your shop to participate….I love how open you are and take time out to spread wisdom thankkkkkzzzzz…I came in your shop a few days ago we talked about education and how it is good when people look into things for them self instead of living life blind

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