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2.12.2011 (Saturday) Today the Egyptians celebrate their victory of bringing down 30 years of rule by a dictator. But I see something that is more beautiful happening and that is Egyptian people having sense of responsibility by cleaning the garbage that they created in the protest square. I have seen the news on television about the poor people in Haiti, India and places where people live in poor conditions. There is garbage right in front of the living areas with dirty water running through the garbage. I have seen that people need to walk around or jump over it. It seems as though no one cares or is bothered by the unhealthy surroundings. In some cases the children play on the dirty areas or people do their cooking or use water in canals that are filled with garbage. If these unfortunate poor people learn the importance of cleaning the front of their living quarters and everyone does the same then at least they will live in a cleaner area. The Egyptians, both young and old, came with brooms from their houses and didn’t wait for government to do it. Every helping hand creates more responsible people hence creating a more civilized society. I think sometimes the mentally poor are worse than financially poor. In the case of Haiti and other poor countries however, there needs to be better governments to help the people realize that the filthy living areas where the poor live will create disease.  This disease, in turn, can travel to the rich creating an epidemic such as cholera in Haiti. When I read the life story of Gandhi, it was said that Gandhi emphasized the importance of cleanliness to the untouchables. But on the other hand one cannot imply that clean or tidy people are always good people, some bad people are very clean and tidy.  This may not be entirely accurate because I only observe the situations from a distance. But I just hope that if we speak up with sincere positive thoughts and wishes we can be a help rather than a hindrance.  Ing


Shadow of Peace & Ing’s Peace Come to You Poem  (10:15 minutes)  Link to YouTube:

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2.11.2011 (Friday) Today is a very good day for me to launch my, ” Shadow of Peace”, video on YouTube, and my Peace Project, Congratulations to the Egyptian people.  May peace be with all Egyptians and the world.
This Shadow of Peace video originated from the ceramic sculpture that I made last summer. I took pictures of this sculpture sitting by the window in our bedroom. The sunlight cast an interesting shadow from the top portion of the sculpture showing the Peace symbol lying on the surface of the table. This image of the shadow of peace sparked my imagination to think about the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and other places in the world. We all live in the shadow of peace. Wars and poverty exist in these shadows all over the world. Even in American cities there are wars between rival gangs brought about by poverty and the easy availability of guns.

On September 24, 2010, while having lunch, I thought about writing a simple poem that relates to my “Peace” artwork.  As I looked out the widow some small birds flew passed landing on the butterfly bush in our little backyard garden. In this quiet moment with nature the poem came to me. I quickly wrote it down and showed it to my husband.  He enjoyed the poem and helped me correct some of the writing. Since then I have shown my poem to our customers and friends. They all seem to like the message of my poem. The “Peace” poem is below:

When you enjoy rain drops,
“Peace” comes to you,
When you hear birds sing,
“Peace” comes to you,
When you see fish swim in clean water,
“Peace” comes to you’
When you hear children laugh,
“Peace” comes to you,
And when you hum while walking in the wood,
“Peace” comes to you,
And when you sit quietly watching the sun rise and set,
Listening to the waves sing,
Then “Peace” comes to you,
Let “Peace” comes to you in different ways,
Let “Peace” be with us all.

Shadow of Peace & Ing’s Peace Poem, Yellow Rose

Shadow of “Peace”, yellow rose & Ing’s “Peace” poem in English
by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

Shadow of Peace1 & Ing’s Peace Poem in Thai, Coral Rose

 Shadow of “Peace”, coral rose & Ing’s “Peace” poem, translated into Thai
written on 9, 24, 2010 by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

Shadow of Peace 4

 Shadow of “Peace” design 3

Shadow of Peace in Arabic 

  Shadow of “Peace” and Ing Peace Poem translated into Arabic






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