Ducks and Geese



 Ducks and Geese


                                                Paddlings do paddlings dee

Little ducks and geese

Baking in warm afternoon sun


Step closer, quietly and still

Viewing the ducks and the geese

By the tree


Wobblings do wobblings dee

The ducks and the geese

On the same bank of the pond


The ducks wobbling by the geese

Cleaning their wings

Minding their own things


No fighting I see!

Geese and ducks

Inches away from each other


The big geese bodies

Bully no little ducks


Comfortable the ducks are

With other kinds

Sharing space

And food


Happy they are

Different species

Paddling together in the pond


Humans are the same species


But Christians fight with Christians,

Protestants fight with Catholics

In Northern Island


In Syria

Muslims fight with Muslims

Alawites with Sunnis


In Iraq

Shias fight with Sunnis


 Muslims fight with Christians

Jews fight with Muslims

Hindus fight with Muslims

Buddhists in Myanmar (Burma) fight with Muslims


Muslims fight with Buddhists

In southern Thailand

And other places


What is the matter with humans?

Unashamed, killing each other

Of the same kind


Ducks and geese in Branch Brook Park Pond

Coexist with each others


Paddlings do paddlings dee

Happy they are


Wobblings do wobblings dee

With their little tiny brains

Cleverer they are than humans


Humans are

Pity do, pity dumb

Weeping do and weeping dumb


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Monday, October 21, 2013, 11:34 pm








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