NewarkTech & Bloomfield Tech Students Part 1

BBC News on NPR had an article about the Syria conflict today, Thursday, March 13, 2014, which is now in the third year of war.  It does not seem to end but it is getting worse.  I have written some comments on the situation.

May peace be with everybody on earth and especially with the Syrians” 

“I believe that all Syrian adults will want their children to go to school and have time to play with family and friends.  You want your children to be happy, not to be afraid and cry.  You can do it.  “Make Peace, Not War”.  Please do it for your children and future generations.  You can show the world that Syrians are civilized people.  Be an example for the world, especially the countries in your region.  Show them that it is never too late to make peace.  Your children and future generations will thank all of you who conquer hatred and select peace and harmony.  This will be your legacy of teaching your children to learn to make peace not war.  Please prove to the world that both sides of the Syrian conflict are wise enough to see that war brings only destruction and that Syrian people are able to solve their problems in peaceful ways.”

Please stop killing anyone no matter who they are.  Let us have no more wars, and no more killing.  Please read the Newark Tech, and Bloomfield Tech students’ comments on What does Peace means to you?”

NewarkTech & Bloomfield Tech Students Part 1

Ing’s Peace Project 

Comments on 

What does Peace means to you? 

By Newark Tech and Bloomfield Tech Students 

Fall 2013 




       Peace is as Free as Butterflies and Bees


Words of peace float in the air 

Flying about the butterflies and bees 

Helping to block trouble and sad news 

That comes from the air


Listening to Newark, and Bloomfield Tech Students 

Express what Peace means to them 

 These words are real


Expressed from their Hearts


Peace means: 


 Love, Unity and Cooperation 

Positive actions and attitudes 

Happiness, living Tranquil 

Harmony and Balance, Nice 


Serenity, Calmness, to be Peaceful 

To be free and kind to everybody 

Freedom, feel Free, no Worry 

Enjoy the goodness things in Life 


To be happy and relax 

You happy with their life and everyone in it 

To feel comfortable with everyone around you 

Equality and live of harmony internally and externally 

To be comfortable in your own skin, being you and nobody else 


You know who you are and are okay with it, 

When you have peace you are okay with yourself and others 

Get along with one another and itself 

Being able to find yourself, to know your inner self 

Equality, Happiness, Tranquility, to be happy and don’t fight 

No violence, loving each and every person 


No war or fighting 

Peace is love without war 

No fighting nor hate nothing but love 

Respecting and to act in a civilized manner 

No one is fighting everything is calm and put together 


Togetherness all as one, one for all 

No violence (Guns, knives and etc.) 

Peace comes from love with yourself and others 

Peace is everything that calm you, that keep your heart warm 

Peace is Life


Peace is absence of war and hate 

Harmony with the world and others 

Equality between people 

To have a world without war 


There are many more comments


Learning and listening from others

 Is what we should do

Understanding other’s feelings

 In our hearts and our minds


 Together we will survive 

Let us tell each other how we feel 

No guessing 

 No doubts or fears


Free as Butterflies and Bees 

That is what a peaceful society should be  

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Friday, December 13, 2013, 6:07 pm 

Thanks to Mr. Jonathan who helped to organize all the comments from Newark and Bloomfield Tech students.  Good teachers show concern and do more to advance their students both mentally and physically by preparing the students for future challenges.  

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Thursday, March 13, 2014  

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