Ing’s Peace Project at CLOUD CYPH Event Part 3

Ing’s Finished Artwork of the Peace Project Comments

From, Them Cloud Kids Event Participators

Ing’s Shadow of Peace

Ing’s Shadow of Peace and Nelson Mandela

I wrote three projects about Nelson Mandela on my Blog Page and the links are as follow:

Ing’s Shadow of Peace, Nelson Mandela and Them Cloud Kids

Ing’s Shadow of Peace, Nelson Mandela, Them Cloud Kids and their Philosophy

Information about, “Them Cloud Kids”:

Them Cloud Kids™ is a non-profit organization started by 6 Rutgers University students who aim to unite, uplift and empower all through Ubuntu.


Them Cloud Kids™ is a pro-people service organization that is currently starting a youth empowerment movement by raising awareness of the Ubuntu lifestyle. Ubuntu is the South African belief of human kindness and compassion made popular by Nelson Mandela. We envision a world where we can unite, uplift and empower all through Ubuntu. Through community outreach, after school programs and our radio show we hope to create a new positive way of thinking and being which is Ubuntu.

Ing’s Shadow of Peace, Nelson Mandela, Them Cloud Kids and their Philosophy

And Them Cloud Kids Event Participators’ Comments

On Friday, May 16, 2014

Peace is a lifestyle that displays positive energy in one whole being.  Universal love

Peace is brotherhood.

Peace is serenity, happiness, & becoming one

Peace: Togetherness

Finding love within differences …

Peace is the happiness with you 🙂

Peace Means Kira

Peace is togetherness

Pleased with one’s self so that love is able to doze out into the world.  Spreading Love and Happiness

ON QWE$T FOR PEA$T                       Peace is Respect

Peace is Equality and Love.                         Peace is All Love

Peace is the serenity that you have & maintain in your world.


Peace is unity

Peace is contentment with yourself!          

Peace means Happiness 🙂                                             

 Love IS PEACE; GOD IS LOVE                        Peace is Love & Love is Blessed

 Peace is complete happiness with yourself.

Peace means unity                           Peace: CALM, SERENITY, HAPPINESS……

Peace is the innocent child born into such a disturbed World.

 Peace is being able to sleep a night.

In order to have or attain peace, you must build a foundation with peace as the root, then and only then can you shadow and spread your peace to others

Peace = Ubuntu

Peace is INDY!!

Peace = life-death =/= rip on + shirts Period.

UCYPHE = Peace = Love

Peace means to find love within all aspects of everything… To only love and not look for the love of power…

Peace is every day understanding its when the war inside subdues.

My little Peace-head people accompany my Peace Poem that I translated into my native language, Thai.

Link to Ing’s Peace Poem page:

The cloud on the bright sky reflects on the peace symbol while Nelson Mandela cheerfully laughs knowing that Them Cloud Kids follow in his footsteps to keep UBUNTU, kindness and compassion alive.

My eyes were sore from doing too much artwork, so I stopped working for a while.  I went to our backyard garden to relax and visited my spring flowers. As the sun moves close to the horizon in the evening backyard garden it is the best place to enjoy the nature with a light breeze of gentle wind.  I spotted these beautiful light yellow mixes with soft pink blossoms.  I ran inside and got my camcorder to capture the flowers.  These flowers are as beautiful as Them Cloud Kids, who blossom into productive and valuable human beings.

First spring roses are larger and prettier than the following blossoms.  I love all kind of flowers but roses are my favorite ones.

Link to Ing’s Garden page:

I decided to rearrange the comments in my artwork.  It was easier for me to design and arrange by removing all the comments and bring them in later.

Roses, Rhododendrons and other spring flowers from our garden this year

Ing’s Finished Artwork of the Peace Project Comments

From, Them Cloud Kids Event Participators

On Friday, May 16, 2014

Them Cloud Kids-Ubuntu

Them Cloud Kids-Ubuntu!!!

Hey, that sounds good

 What does it mean?

Where does it come from?


Ubuntu means kindness and compassion

And comes from South Africa


Look! Nelson Mandela is smiling and laughing

He is happy that Them Cloud Kids

Follow in his footsteps


But everybody heard about kindness and compassion before


Oh, yes we always hear all kind of words

But do we ever practice it?


Nelson Mandela makes the words

Come alive again

He is so glad that his voice travels loud and far

Over the sea to different continents

It landed at Rutgers University

Newark, New Jersey

To Them Cloud Kids


Oh, yes we always hear the words

Of kindness and compassion

But do we ever practice it?


They took Ing’s Peace project

To their gathering

What does peace have to do with Ubuntu?


Peace is another word that we hear all the time

But do we ever practice it?


The war in Syria, South Sudan

And other places in the world

That are fighting and killing

Do they have kindness and compassion toward each other?

If they practice Ubuntu

They will have peace in their countries


In USA if we walk on the streets in

New York City or other cities

We see homeless living on sidewalks

And probably millionaires and billionaires

Walking by on the same streets


Do they practice kindness and compassion?


People working in full time jobs

And many in pastime jobs

Companies or Universities

Do not want to hire full-time employees

Because they do not want to pay benefits

These workers have families and children

They are suffer from small incomes to survive


Workers protest

“We need to increase the minimum wage”


Companies and politicians

Who received the donation from these companies

All say “No! No! You will ruin the economy”

We cannot hire more workers!


What they want are more slave workers

So they can make more profits

And get richer


Tuition is so high

That student loans pile up after graduation

University become a business

Rather than a place for education

Interest on student loans grows bigger

And jobs cannot be found

But government loans to banks

For zero percent

Or at least much less than student loans


If the defense budget is not too high

Citizens can get an education for lower cost

Or even free


Do companies, universities and some politicians

Practice kindness and compassion?


There will be no peace

Without kindness and compassion

And if no kindness and compassion

Then peace will not exist


Thanks to Them Cloud Kids

Who practice Ubuntu


Let us all not just say Ubuntu

But practice it for ourselves and others

And for our world to be more peaceful

For humanity and animals alike

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Monday, June 02, 2014, 11:50 PM

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 Spring flowers from our garden, during late May and early June 2014

I love this flower. I have to find out the name of the flower.

Pink roses

Pink yellow roses are larger than the other roses.  They are about 6 to 8 inches in diameters but fewer flowers are produced in a year.  The pink and yellow climbing roses produced more flowers; the velvet red climbing roses produced the most flowers all year long.


Velvet red climbing roses

These yellow climbing roes blossom before other roses in the beginning or mid May but the flowers last only few days.

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