Man Smells Rose and Blood

Man Smells Rose and Blood

Man smells rose

Smile on his face

Fragrance is pleasing

Man calls children and wife

Joining in

How beautiful the rose

Cultivated with bare hands

Family is pleased

Smelling roses in the air

Man smells blood

Tears run down

Heart is broken

Sickening smell

All over the town

The air is thick

Cannot breath

Man falls to his knees

Why kill my family

In the name of whatever you believe?


Where is my fragrant rose?

Where is my family?

Syria, Iraq, South Sudan

Other countries of the world

You are smelling blood

Wake up

Grow roses

Give happiness

To fellow men


Man smells rose

Smile on his face

Happiness and peace in the land

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Sunday, June 29, 2014, 10:57 am

I woke up with the beautiful fragrance of roses passing through our bedroom window by the backyard garden.  I peaked out the window seeing that our roses are in full broom.

I feel so fresh and happy.  I would like to share this happiness with others, especially in the countries that are in crisis right now such as Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and many countries in Asia and Africa.

“Man smells rose” came to mind.  I hurried to open my computer and composed the verses above.  I showed this to John.  He liked my writing.  I am always grateful for his help to correct my writing.

The following are the pictures of roses that I took from our garden during the month of June 2014:

The following are the links to informations about the present crises throughout the world:

Syria Crisis:

https://en.wikipedia. vorg/wiki/Syrian_Civil_War

BBC News – Syria Conflict…/world-middle-east-1…

British Broadcasting Corporation

Syrian refugees Exodus from Syria. Interactive guide to how the Syria war created one of the biggest refugee crises since WWII …

Iraq Crisis:

Maps: Sunnis and Shia in the Middle East

Sunnis and Shia: What are the differences?

Jeremy Bowen: Sharpening Sunni-Shia schism

A boost for Kurdish aims in Iraq?

Ukraine Crisis:

Africa Crisis:

Crisis in the Horn of Africa : FAO in Emergencies…/crisis/horn-of-africa/e…

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