My Little Forest, Downtown Newark, NJ

My Little Forest

In Downtown Newark, New Jersey

During May, June and July 2014

My Little Forest in Downtown Newark

 I enjoy my little garden

Seeing the birds, the bees

And all kinds of butterflies


I am not rich

I am not powerful

But I am free

With my little forest

With the birds, the bees

And butterflies


Oh! I spotted Mr. or Mrs. Squirrel

Coming to my garden

Nipping my young leafed rose

In the early spring

When the daffodils

And the bleeding hearts were blossoming


I was worried for a little while

When I saw no bees in spring

Now in July, they are coming

Drinking Nectar

From the butterfly bush trees


I saw a Black Swallowtail Butterfly

On Tuesday, July 15

I ran inside got my camcorder

To record its beauty


Today, July 17

A lot of my flowers are blooming

With a beautiful fragrance from

The little white flowers, Jasmine


The birds, the bees

And Red Admiral Butterfly

Visits our garden today

And a squirrel is walking on

The electric wire


The shade of the butterfly bush tree is cool

The leaves fanning with a gentle breeze

I wish we all could have this bliss

I don’t need much

This little garden

With nature

I am at Peace


I am not rich

I am not powerful

But I am free

And that is as rich as

I want to be


Finding Peace

In my little forest

In Downtown Newark, New Jersey

As free as the birds, the bees

And butterflies

And that is what I want to be

And that is a peaceful life for me

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Thursday, July 17, 2014

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