Finished Artwork of Essex County 4-H Peace Comments

Finished Artwork of Essex County 4-H Peace Comments

Artwork by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

Waiting For

I miss my flowers

I miss my butterflies


The day is short

Darkness comes sooner

Coldness is in the air


Warm cup of tea

In my hands

Remembering the black Swallowtail

I took photos of this summer

The roses in spring

Their beauty

I admired


Memories live on

Imprinted with words of

Peace composed

“Peace means No War”

“Peace means Love”

“Peace means that we can live

In the world Unity and Trust”

“Life, Love, Live”

“World Peace”

“Peace means Happiness to the World”

“Peace means World Harmony”

“Explore. Dream. Discover”

“Peace… Unity… Life, Love…”

“Peace for Peace”

“Peace means inner happiness”

“Native Americans for Peace”

“Peace is something that’s rare,

but when found cherished”

“Peace means serenity”

“When the Power of Love

Over comes the Love of Power

The world will know Peace!”

“Love and Understanding

Tomorrows Future”

“Peace & Love Make

the world go Round”

“Peace = unconditional Unity”

“Peace is being at one with the Universe”


I wish these words of Peace will come true

But there is sadness in our trouble world


Waiting for spring

Seeing flowers bloom

Birds, bees and butterflies

Will come again


Waiting for humans

To mature

For the world to be whole


That is what I wait for


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Saturday, December 06, 2014, 8:05 pm

Finished artwork of the Peace comments from Essex County 4-H Scholarship Awards’ attendants on “What does Peace mean to you?” organized by Marissa Blodnik and Greg Walker on Saturday, November 15th, 2014 at Paul Robson Center, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey


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