Roberta Miscia’s Poem and Human Right Projects from Italy

Roberta Miscia Translated Italian Poem into English

And Human Right Projects from Italy

From: “” <>

Date: Sat, January 10, 2015 10:31 am


Hi Ing!! 
How nice to hear from you and John again! I return 
a serene and above all  a peaceful year to you 
and John with joy. I'm sincerely happy to 
have made friends with you, ours is more 
than a simple friendship. It is a "Communion 
of Souls", we share the "pure intention" 
to paint the world we share with the colours 
of beauty and peace.  I will never stop being 
grateful to you and John all my life for 
helping me change myself first of all, 
by calling me to join your peace project, 
which, as a matter of fact, is changing 
first of all ourselves profoundly, to be 
able to change  for a domino effect 
the world, too. Peace be with you and 
John! This is my blessing for you two, 
in particular,  for this new year. There 
are serious reasons of worry,especially 
these days, considering what has 
been occurring  in Paris for two days 
and in other parts of the world, 
too. Too many storms of violence 
and terroristic attacks are infesting 
and suffocating the tender buds of 
peace which seem to be destined to 
silence before being able to make 
their voice be listened to. Let's keep
in touch. 
I'm logged in the communications of
Google+, you can write my name and
surname on the net bar and see what
my classes and I have produced in the
projects. I have supported and helped in defense of 
human rights and peace (above all) which 
would have resulted "mutilated" 
without your "ILLUMINATION"! So, 
thanks a lot for opening my mind 
and my HEART first of all. I hope 
to keep in touch with you as soon 
as possible, write me, I wish 
I could keep our friendship as fresh 
and alive today as it was when 
we first met in your shop. Compliments 
for your beautiful sculptures!  
You are a real artist, not only because 
of your precious and Golden hands 
but because of your superior degree 
of sensitivity which makes you 
a unique, special and true person!!! 
Hugs and kisses to you, regards 
to John from me and my husband, 
I will post the Google + communities 
I belong your drawings as well as 
your impressive poems about PEACE.

Lots of love :-) 
Roberta Miscia.

If you want to see my works in
English you can consult the site of my school that is: and go to the section video on 
the left of the page and then click the button: 
"Formazione sul campo", there 
you will find published many of my and 
my classes'works on peace and 
human rights.
I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best wishes,

Roberta Miscia.

Dall'immagine tesa
vigilo l’istante 
con imminenza di attesa –
e non aspetto nessuno:
nell’ombra accesa 
spio il campanello 
che impercettibile spande 
un polline di suono – 
e non aspetto nessuno:
fra quattro mura 
stupefatte di spazio 
più che un deserto 
non aspetto nessuno.
Ma deve venire,
verrà, se resisto 
a sbocciare non visto,
verrà d’improvviso,
quando meno l’avverto.
Verrà quasi perdono
di quanto fa morire,
verrà a farmi certo
del suo e mio tesoro,
verrà come ristoro 
delle mie e sue pene,
verrà, forse già viene
il suo bisbiglio.

Roberta Miscia
Subject: poem “From the Watchful Image” – Roberta Miscia
From: “” <>
Wed, January 14, 2015 12:43 pm

Hi Ing,

I don't know if you have received the text 
I sent you about two hours ago..., so I'll send the English 
version of my poem to you again, of course the translation 
does not exactly render the intensity of the original language, 
though I've been thinking for a long time about the words that 
could match the depth of my emotions, 
I hope you will appreciate 
all my efforts..., lots of love, :-) 


From the watchful image
I'm catching the instant
with imminence of waiting -
not waiting for anyone:
in the glimmering shadow
I spy the bell 
spreading pollen of sound -
not waiting for anyone:
within four walls
stunned by glare,
more than a desert
not waiting for anyone.
But here it comes,
I know it will...
If I resist,
to bloom unseen,
it will be here
it will come unheard.
It will arrive
to forgive
it will come 
to tell me
of His and my treasure,
it will come 
to cure my pains,
it will come,
it will certainly come,
maybe it's already here
with its whisper.
Roberta Miscia
Hugs and kisses 
I look forward to hearing from you, soon! 
Have a bright day!!

Hi Roberta,

Thank you so much for your three emails.  I am glad you gave me permission to post your work on my website.  I will send you the link after I uploaded your project.  I am working on my peace project from Malcolm X Shabazz High School right now.  Linda, the School Library Media Specialist, from Malcolm X Shabazz High School took six of my Peace posters to distribute to the teacher in school this last December.  She returned three posters with beautiful drawings from students.  After I finish this project I will upload your poem and upload the human rights work from you and your students.

I love your poem.  You are a very good poet.  I have to read your poem again and also your human rights’ projects.

Thanks again for your generosity; people who view my website will enjoy all your work.  Please give my best regards to your husband and family.

All the best,           



Roberta’s Correspondence with Lily, her Student

Young People’s Rights

Roberta Miscia’s Students’ Work

From Italy

roberta miscia’s

Hi Ing,

I regard myself really honoured by having you as a great and special friend, representing a “supreme gift” for my life. You are such a delicate person, able to get even the hardest rock in the desert to blossom. I’ve seen your blog right now, it’s simply gorgeous like you! I like it a lot. You have been so kind to publish my English translation of one of the poems I prefer, the author of the poem “Dall’immagine tesa” is the Italian poet: Clemente Rebora . He is one of the greatest contemporary Italian poets, I have only tried to find “English sounds” able to render through  impalpable images the intense emotions the lines of the poem convey. Do please correct on your post that only the translation into English is mine, even if I like writing poems, too. You have been so kind to publish my and my students’ works on the theme of “Human Rights”. thank you very much for your generosity and artistic devotion which express an intense passion for life and disclose a sense of wonder rarely present in other people. My work on human rights, however, is going on well. It’s three months since I started working on a new cultural issue dealing with different forms of “Discrimination and Violence”, to lead students become more aware of their sometimes wrong behaviours and to help them opt for a culture of peace and tolerance. When they finish working on it and produce new materials, I’ll send them to you, or I’ll give you the link to watch them. My class and I have been largely debating about the question of the violation of human rights, focussing our attention on “the weak” of the world: women and children. As regards women, in particular, we have read a lot of articles and excerpts from books concerning women’s exploitation and humiliation, mutilation practices (such as infibulation) which, beside being a torture, may cause serious infections which can often lead to death. The other arguments read and discussed have been  “honour killings”, “trafficking in women and girls” and “early marriage”, along with further related topics concerning religion, too.

Let’s keep in touch!

I wish you and John peaceful and serene days,

a big hug, ,

Roberta Miscia.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hi Roberta,

Thank you very much for your kind words.  I am sorry about the mistake on the poem.  I corrected it, please check if it is OK. 

I am glad you do more work on Human Rights with your students.  You are not only a good English teacher but you also are good, kind and concerned with other people.  It is so sweet and lovely to read your correspondence with Lily.  You are right about teaching students, “to lead students become more aware of their sometimes wrong behaviors and to help them opt for a culture of peace and tolerance.”   I wish more people, especially teachers, will focus on teaching Human Rights to their students and everyone.  The more we discuss about Human Rights, hopefully it will bring more shame to anyone who works against the Human Right of others.

I just uploaded, “Human Rights and Child Soldiers”, the link is:

Would you mind giving me your school name and address?  I would like to add it in the project that I did on your work.

It is always a pleasure to receive your response.  Please take care of yourself and please forward my love to everyone.

All the best,



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