Lincoln School The Annual Spring Concert and Student Art Exhibition Part 1

Lincoln School

The Annual Spring Concert and Student Art Exhibition

Part 1

Newark, New Jersey

On Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ms. Karma Cloud introduced the attendants to student art work.


Thanks very much to Ms D. Weaver, the Principal, and Ms. Karma Cloud, the art teacher, all other teachers, and everyone who participated in this special event.  John and I were very impressed and enjoyed seeing the creative artwork from students of Ms. Karma Cloud, which involved the idea of building a bridge between peace and art.  It was a very unique and creative art project.  Ms. C. Wade, the music teacher, created a cheerful atmosphere for all students who participated and those who attended the event.  The dance performance was professional and entertaining.  The event was very successful. 

 To cultivate children to love learning, and enjoy the process requires creative minds, diligence and patience in order to achieve a successful event such as this occasion.  Now the teachers, students and parents can have a good time resting and looking forward to the next event.

Thanks to Lincoln School and Ms. Cloud so much for honoring me.  It is a privilege and remembrance for me to be able to tell our grandson, who will be born in September, that there are a lot of good teachers that cultivate children to learn and guide to do better things in life.  I hope he will be as lucky as the children of Lincoln School to have such talented and devoted teachers as them.

 Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Thursday, August 13, 2015

Student art exhibition “Peace Comes To You and Me”

Ms. Karma Cloud introduced the attendants to student art work.

This is some of student artwork.  There are slight inaccuracies from the actual artworks due to dim light in the room and the poor quality of my camera.

“Peace Come to Me”, poetry books produced by students of

Ms. Karma Cloud, art teacher of the project.

Karma Cloud

 Good Morning Ing-on,

 The date has been changed due to a conflict with another event happening, so the new date is June 11.

 Most likely the art portion will be from 5:30-6:15ish. We are finalizing this week. We would like to honor you during our awards ceremony, if that’s alright with you!!

 Yes you can video.  Whatever I have will be more of a slide show at this point.

Hi Karma,

 John and I will attend your event on Thursday, June 11.

 Thank you so much for wanting to honor me at the award ceremony.  It is a privilege for me but I did not do anything.  You and the other organizers are doing all the work for students.  You and other teachers deserve to be honored and we are very lucky to have known you and your school. 

 I have learned a lot of lessons from having my peace project.  As I told you about 90% or more people who have promised to follow up with commentary on my peace project never keep their word, a lot of them took my Peace Posters and never return them.  Sometimes I want to give up and do only my other artwork.  But when a small percentage of people like you and others work hard, I feel ashamed if I take the easy way out by giving up on my peace project.

 If you do not mind giving me a few minutes with your students to relate an event that happened to me last summer I would appreciate doing so.  The following is what I would like to say.

 Last summer, my husband, John and I went to NYC for John’s play reading.  While we were sitting on the platform bench waiting for the Path train I noticed a young couple standing nears us.  Their manner made me assume that they were a loving couple.  When the train came we went in, John and I got the seats next to the door.  I saw the same couple standing opposite us by the other door.  As the train was starting to move the same young girl pointed at me and told the young man, “She pushed me.”  After I heard that, I said out loud, “I am sorry I didn’t mean it.”  After they heard me, they turned to each other talking as if nothing had happened.  I knew that I did not push her, but I wanted to keep the peace.  If I insist to her that I did not push her we would have an argument.  Her boyfriend might join in the argument to help the girl.   My husband, probably will defensive of me.  The other people in the train might want to participate in the fight.  Then this scenario of encounter is going to have big problems.  By saying “Sorry” in one word and one sentence we can keep Peace and Safe.  My policy is that Peace and Safe come first, and then we can deal with other problems calmly later, by asking for help or find another ways to solve problems.

I am sad and worry about the problems with the authorities and people got kill by them, especially young black youth.  So please think about Peace and Safe first.  If you see any trouble go away and get some help or tell the others that can help.  Remember that you are importance and you can do a lot of good things for yourselves and others.  You are educators and you are smart to be able to come this far.  You can be teachers, doctors or even president like President Barack Obama but you have to live long enough to achieve your goals.  So please think Peace and Safe first before you do anything.

 Above message I would like to delivery to the audience if you think that it is appropriate and you have time for me.  I do not mind if you do not have time or disagree.  I am always afraid of talking in the public arena anyhow.

 All the best,



 I had the honor to deliver the above message on Thursday, June 11, 2015.

 Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts 

The event is divided into 4 parts.  Please continue to view Part 2, 3, and 4.

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