Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey


Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey

Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey will gives pleasure to a lot of people who have a chance to visit the park again this year, 2016.  We still remember the good times we had in the previous years and the Cherry Blossoms of 2011.     

This year Earth Day was on Friday, April 22, 2011 but my “Earth day” is every day of my life.  I love nature, I am part of nature.  Here is some of nature that I enjoy, captured to share with all of us.  The photographs are the walking steps that I treasured and captured of the Cherry Blossoms at Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey, USA in my memory and my camera.  I am not a photographer but I love to take pictures to record history as I go through my life. I enjoy the beautiful flowers of Cherry Blossom trees and I also enjoy the tall trees that are absent of leaves, having only the limbs of branches spread out just like our blood veins.  The gorgeous Cherry Blossoms will be so lonely without little children running around under the trees.  The parents took snapshots to keep forever with love.  Young couple with children and without children came out to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms.  Some young couples took pictures in different posses of his or her admirer.  The young girl who dresses in a pink kimono is posing for her young man to capture her moods and movements as if she is part of the Cherry Blossoms herself, announcing to her lover to come closer, as if to say, “I am a nature, I am beautiful, enjoy me and love me”, as the young man comes closer to snap the photos with a heart beating faster and faster with every step that he takes toward her.  One can make up all kind of love stories when we walk into Cherry Blossoms land.  Now please enjoy more than one thousand pictures that I have captured from the most beautiful Cherry Blossoms that Newarkoffers to everyone.  I captured these pictures on Saturday, Sunday and Friday, April 16, 17 and 22, 2011 and previous years.

 Branch Brook Park is a county park of Essex County, New Jersey in the United States, located in the North Ward of Newark, between the neighborhoods of Forest Hill and Roseville. At 360 acres (1.5 km²), Branch Brook Park is the largest public park in the city of Newark. The park is noted for having over 4,000 cherry blossom trees in more than fourteen different varieties,[1] collectively called Cherryblossomland, as well as its spectacular Cherry Blossom Festival each April.

Branch Brook Park is currently in the midst of $25 million, ten-year, restoration program. In 2004, the Park Avenuebridge was repaired, as were the ballfields in the center of the park. By 2010, there will be more than 5,000 cherry trees in the park due to a $650,000 grant from the Essex County Recreation and Open Space Trust Fund in 2006 and private donations.[2]

Below the writing portion is my story of the Cherry Blossom at Branch Brook Park in April 1994.  There are details, direction and history of Branch Brook Park and the Cherry Blossom Trees.  I wrote this in, “The Eyes of Morris”, a smart dog that belonged to our friends.


In memory of my mother, father, my mother-in-law, and father-in-law.

In memory of Morris, he passed away in 1997.

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts                                                            Thursday, May 19, 2011

Link to Cherry Blossoms 2013 part 1 is Below:

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  1. Chelsea says:

May 23, 2011 at 9:50 am

Wow there’s so many years represented here! Its rather impressive Ing, I love to see the park though out the years in many different lights and locations. And I think the last three pictures of your mother, father and in-law’s. Those are some lovely pictures.

As always thank you for sharing the world through your eyes.

ing says:

May 24, 2011 at 8:55 pm (Edit)

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the Cherry Blossoms. I am going to add two small stories that I emailed to you because I like other people to laugh and know one of the Thai customs:

Four women came in to our shop this afternoon. They liked our jewelry and artwork, but they didn’t buy anything. So before they left the shop I asked if they have time to see my Peace Project. They enjoyed seeing my sculptures and were very glad to write their comments on my Shadow of Peace artwork. One of the ladies saw my Gandhi artwork by the door she used her foot to point at the artwork and said “Is that Gandhi? I like it”. I told her that Thais believe that if anyone uses their foot to point at anything it is considered to be very bad manners and insulting to others. This is because they believe that the foot is of very low value and head is of high value. People are never allowed to touch the head of someone older than themselves especially their parents or any older person. I do not believe that any more. But when we are inRomewe have to do as the Romans do. The lady appreciated that I told her this aspect of Thai custom.

Here is a funny story for you: A couple weeks ago I had an argument with John. We wanted to find plastic bag and we could not find it. I complained to John that he always throws everything out, and that causedMalito fight with her uncle. John replied “I didn’t throw out everything!” I realized that he meant he didn’t throw me out. I said “Oh! Yes! You smart aaa___! Then we both laughed.

Take care,


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