Peace with Nature

Peace with Nature

At our Backyard Garden

Downtown Newark, New Jersey

During the month of May and June, 2016

Let Nature Heal Us

Happy Father’s Day John, James, Jim and All Fathers

John’s sculpture at our backyard garden

Looking from our backyard garden


 I miss my father

Who passed away twenty years ago

I miss him everyday

Especially the day that

The world honor fatherhood


I wrote a letter telling my parents

I found my true love

We love each other

We decided to marry

My parents were joyous


Father and mother gave you life

They are happy to see you find love

And build a new family

They are joyful with your happiness 


Daddy I miss you!!!

I love you dearly!!!

Please do not kill me!!!

My husband is a good man!!!

He loves me!!!

And I love him!!!

We are going to have another life!!!

We will have grandchild for you!!!


Please do not kill me!!!


Please good father

You are a good human being

You created life

Your daughter has become

An individual person

You do not own this life you created

You nurtured her

And you watched her grow

To become a good human being


Please abolish Honor Killing!!!

You gave life but do not destroy it

The world is not flat

The world is a sphere

Some of what we believed before is good

And some is bad


Honor Killing is revenge

Revenge is war

Revenge is killing

Revenge is unhappiness


Please seek Peace

Make peace not war


Honor Killing is inhumane

Please do not do it

Abolish Honor Killing Good Father


“Please do not kill me Daddy!!!”

“I love you!!!”

“Have A Happy And Peaceful Father’s Day Daddy”


Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Saturday, June 18, 2016, 11: 19 am

Thank you very much Cynthia for sending me your five lovely flower pictures.  They are beautiful.

The following pictures are Cynthia’s photographs:

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