Trip To Swansea In My Husband’s Motherland , Wales – Part 8

Photograph and Artwork by Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts

 Ing’s “Peace Comes To You”Poem translated into Welsh By Mr. Hywel Lewis on October 9, 2017

Sent: 09 October 2017 19:38
From: Lewis, Hywel                                                      Subject: poem

Pan fyddwch chi’n mwynhau diferion glaw,

Ddaw heddwch i chi,
Pan fyddwch chi’n clywed adar yn canu,

Ddaw heddwch i chi,
Pan welwch chi bysgod’n nofio mewn dwr glân,

Ddaw heddwch i chi,
Pan fyddwch chi’n clywed plant yn chwerthin,

Ddaw heddwch i chi,
A phan fyddwch chi’n hwmian wrth gerdded yn y goedwig

Ddaw heddwch i chi,,
A phan fyddwch chi’n eistedd yn dawel yn gwylio’r haul yn codi a’i osod
Gwrando ar y tonnau’n canu,
Yna ddaw heddwch i chi,
Gadewch i heddwch ddod atoch mewn gwahanol ffyrdd
Gadewch i heddwch fod gyda ni holl.

 Ings comments:
I was very lucky when I went to Swansea, Wales in October 2017. A friend came to visit us with her three daughters and her sister with one daughter. They made us very happy from their visit and all of them read my “Peace Comes to You” poem aloud for me to record their voices. They also wrote their peace comments from my Peace Project “What does Peace mean to you?” on my large Peace Poster. The girls enjoyed drawing artwork and writing their expressions on Peace. I was doubly lucky to have Mr. Hywel Lewis, who works at the Swansea Library, being kind enough to translate my poem “Peace Comes To You” into Welsh. Mr. Lewis also read my poem both in Welsh and in English for me to record. John went to Swansea many times to visit his sister but was unable to find anyone to translate my Peace Poem. John is Welsh, I thought that it is important for me to have a Welsh translation for my Peace Poem. I already have my Peace Poem translated into 28 languages and the Welsh translation added to this number made the total 29. I was so lucky, happy and grateful to receive this help, that I felt much better even though I had bad cold for the entire time of my trip to the UK.
Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mr. Hywel Luwis, Swansea Library, Seashore and Ing’s Peace Poem on Friday, October 13, 2017, Swansea, Wales


 Mr. Hywel Luwis was preparing to read my Peace Poem which was translated into Welsh by him at Swansea Library on Friday, October 13, 2017, Swansea, Wales.


 Display of writing and Posters in Swansea Library

A portrait of Dylan Thomas in the Swansea Library


A photo of Swansea Beach in old times in the Swansea Library 


I was lucky to catch this beautiful pink sky over Swansea Bay on Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 When I look at or think of Swansea beach at the back of the Library I always see the image of Mr. Hywel Luwis smiling, reading my Peace Poem in Welsh and English.


Swansea beach at the back of the Swansea Library on Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Swansea Library on Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Darkness consumes the light outside, but inside the library human minds are alert and consuming  all the knowledge the library provides.



Walking alone on the beach is not a lonely feeling, hearing the sounds of waves singing, the cool gentle breeze touching the skin, and the fresh air all around, is a time that one will never feel lonely, but comfortable in the arms of nature.


The knowledge in the sea is translated into languages for us to understand nature, to preserve it, for future generations to enjoy a healthy environment always.


Far away a standing lighthouse monument of old times, remains to guard against unseen dangers.


Swansea beach at the back of Swansea Library on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ing’s comments:

 A couple of birds enjoy soaring and surfing from the sky, and a human couple enjoys a leisure time walking. It is a beautiful sight to see and to feel.  But humans dump plastic waste, toxic waste and all kind of objects in the the sea killing sea animals and birds that mistake plastic as food. The birds and sea creatures eat this plastic waste and feed it to their babies, most of them will die from indigestion of plastic materials. Humans at present, have to wake up and be concerned about what they are doing. Consciously or subconsciously, they destroy the world with pollutants in the sea, and carbon dioxides from factories and the cars in the air.  This will contribute to human sickness with cancer and other diseases.  I try to encourage peace for mankind, but there is no longer peace in me when I see humans destroying the world, themselves and all living things on earth.     

Swansea beach at the back of Swansea Library on Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 The plants along the pathway to the entrance of the library



The pathway to the entrance of the Swansea library



The pathway to the entrance of the Swansea library


Swansea Civic Centre is located next to the Swansea Library.

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