Scenary-Science-Street Art Plus More (part 1)

Scenary-Science-Street Art Plus More (part 1)

From Ing’s Google+ Community – Sunday, October 28, 2018

The content of this post came from my Google+ site. I am thankful and appreciative of people who posted beautiful photographs and useful information in my community that I shared on my Google+ site. I decided to post the content from my Google+ site on the Blog page of my website, because the Google+ office had declared that the Google+ operation will be closed by August 2019. I am sorry it is happening because I just started to enjoy the fruitful contents posted by my community.

It has such a variety of knowledge, for example, Dirk Schonfeld posted, Street Art, from all over the world and he provides the information about the artwork that gives more meaning to the pictures in the posts. By doing so the viewers become students learning the different techniques and expressions from different countries. The people who posted their content then become teachers, providing knowledge to all the viewers.

Anand Sarnkar, Fatima Sheikh posted Science and other subjects,  Danie van der Merwe posted, Green Tech and Environment, Wasim Muklashy posted, Future Is Pretty Rad, Health and Wellness posted, Herbal Medicine, Neuroscience News, Medical News Today, NASA, and others posted about space tecnology. Viktor Elizarov posted photography subjects, Trey Ratcliff posted photographs from his travels, Candy Javier Sakai posted her photographs from Japan, Emily Moor posted Nutrition Basics, Terry McNeil posted food, funny subjects and others, Jean-Valentine Grigoras posted unusuael subjects, Manuel Caycedo posted Native American subjects, Birds of India- Bird World, and BackintheUSA posted Vintage American Images.

I contributed some of the posts of my Peace Project work, TED Talk, BBC News, and some of the technology programs on BBC Click, National Geographic, and, YouTube videos on different subjects.

Emma Elenusz posted My Country Romania and Others, Nick Mare, Malgorzata M., and from the, Wonders, site, Jennny Loveva, Danne Wells, VNY, Peter H, Pradeep Shah, Elena “Ely” Roncoroni, Sally Elmakawi, Almas Ahmad, and a lot more people posted extra ordinary scenary from different countries, and adorable pictures of children and animals, especially cats and dogs. One of my favorite categories is, beautiful birds and gardens.

Johnny Stork and Ye Chen’s Blog post Philosophy comments, I also shared the posts of , Provocative Ideas, from Todd William’s site.

I apologize for those people whose names I did not mention, all of us contribute time and energy to make our community richer in a lots of ways.

I admire people who spend their time collecting all this information and pictures to post on the Google+ project. Everything comes and goes as time dictates, including us, humans. What remains is evidence of hard work that becomes history to record for future generations to understand and learn from our present generation.

Thanks to Google+ while it lasts. I am glad to know people from this country, USA, and other countries around the world through Google+. Hopefully we all will go on to operate our own websites, like mine, or go on to other new collective websites. We will not stop just because Google+ closes their operation. I hope we all will continue to do work in different ventures and find more enjoyable ways to contribute knowledge to society as a whole.

Ing-On Vibulbhan-Watts, Sunday, October 28, 2018, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Website: Email:

Ing’s Peace Project and Newark Tech and Bloomfield Tech Students
Comments on “What does Peace means to you?”

For more information please visit the following link:                        


Why do we have to choose between nationalism and globalism, between loving our countries and caring for the world? In a talk with lessons for avowed nationalists and globalists alike, Wanis Kabbaj explains how we can challenge this polarizing, binary thinking — and simultaneously be proud citizens of both our countries and the world.

This talk was presented at a TED Institute event given in partnership with UPS. TED editors featured it among our selections on the home page. Read more about the TED Institute.

About the speaker

Wanis Kabbaj · Global citizen, transportation geek

UPS’s Wanis Kabbaj seeks new ways of thinking to deal with the growing complexity of our congested cities and globalized world.

For more information please visit the following link:

Hugh Evans started a movement that mobilizes “global citizens,” people who self-identify first and foremost not as members of a state, nation or tribe but as members of the human race. In this uplifting and personal talk, learn more about how this new understanding of our place in the world is galvanizing people to take action in the fights against extreme poverty, climate change, gender inequality and more. “These are ultimately global issues,” Evans says, “and they can only be solved by global citizens demanding global solutions from their leaders.”

This talk was presented at an official TED conference, and was featured by our editors on the home page.

About the speaker

Hugh Evans · Humanitarian

Through the Global Citizen platform, humanitarian Hugh Evans has created an online community of millions of people — all driven to eradicate extreme poverty by the year 2030.

For more information please visit the following link:


Can technology revolutionise your food? – BBC Click

Published on Jul 19, 2017

Click looks at food glorious food – fake kippers and burgers, plus we’re in the mood for pink lettuce and biodegradable motors almost good enough to eat! Subscribe HERE Find us online at Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook: Category Science & Technology

For more information please visit the following link:

Addicted to gaming? – BBC Click   BBC Click

Published on Sep 18, 2018

Click investigates the emerging phenomenon of gaming addiction – just what is it, and is it over-hyped or something we should all be concerned about? Click meets addicts, those treating them and people from the gaming industry to view this important issue from all angles. Subscribe HERE Find us online at Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook: Category Science & Technology

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Manuel Caycedo; Native Americans

Manuel Caycedo; Native Americans  Little Eagle…. Sioux, ca 1900

Comanche Chief Quanah Parker and …
W. C. Riggs, Fat Stock Show, Fort Worth, Texas, ca 1909

Dementia is the leading cause of death for women in Australia yet there are few studies on how it progresses in women.
Now, research has found that good cholesterol impacts on the structure of women’s brains, warding off dementia.

How good cholesterol can keep women’s brains healthy | Pursuit by The University of Melbourne

Trey Ratcliff: Here’s that famous tree that grows out of the water in Wanaka, New Zealand. #nzmustdo #newzealand #thatwanakatree

Viktor Elizarov

What’s In My Camera Bag
What is your camera bag? This is probably the most popular question I am asked on a daily basis. Even though we all understand that photography is all about the photographer and not equipment, gear is still the essential part of our lives.
Today I created the list of the crucial photo items that I always bring when I travel.

What’s In My Camera Bag (My Travel Photography Gear)

V N Y , Wonders, Feliz tarde

Seniha Sahin, Wonders

Jenny Ioveva, Wonders, Greece…

candy javier sakai: Cjs Photography, Japanese model #cjs

Originally shared by Malgorzata M.

Originally shared by Reg Saddler: Antorno, photo by: fpenta, source:

Originally shared by Malgorzata M.

Originally shared by Reg Saddler: Reflections, photo by: fabriziocasale, source:
More info: Braies Lake – Dolomiti – Italy

Originally shared by Reg Saddler , sunny stanley, photo by: brockwayout

source:, More info: instagram ? website

Originally shared by Dirk Schönfeld   #sculpturebythesea
“Horizon”  Sculpture at Bondi Beach, Australia,
by artist Mu Boyan  Photo by Charlotte Curd.

BackintheUSA: Greenwich Village 1960′

BackintheUSA  Vintage American Images Manhattan, New York City (1960)

Originally shared by Stevo Fireshine

‘DARPA is studying the possibility of using GM modified insects to infect crops, while the Office of Naval research hopes to use other insects as sensors ,capable of detecting explosives. This is not science fiction.’

The Pentagon’s insect army, by Manlio Dinucci

Originally shared by The Associated Press

“The power of this age we live in is that it has given everyone access to all this information and the ability to stay connected to people, but how do we manage it better?”

Even tech execs fret about their kids’ smartphone addictions

Originally shared by The Associated Press

This week, President Trump added a derisive nickname for Stormy Daniels to a long list of unflattering references to women.

‘Horseface’: Does it matter that Trump ridicules women?

Originally shared by The Associated Press

“Arab governments have been given free rein to continue silencing the media at an increasing rate.” – Jamal Khashoggi

Khashoggi warns in last column of free rein to silence media 4

Originally shared by Fatima Sheikh

The most amazing capabilities of the brain are those we take for granted.

Real Life Examples of Amazing Abilities of Our Brain

Originally shared by Neha Singh

Women who have undergone bariatric surgery may be 83 percent less likely to develop cancer.
#womenhealth #breastcancer

Bariatric Surgery Can Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer – Dr. Mohit Bhandari – Medium

City of Cape Town: Proof that an ailing public transport network impacts air pollution

Air quality in the Mother City is being affected by the failing train service, according to The City of Cape Town. The City’s Specialised Health Service says the failing rail service has resulted in more cars on the road, which has led to more air pollution.

With over 1.2 million vehicles on the road, motor vehicle emissions are said to be the biggest contributor to air pollution in Cape Town. The City’s Ian Gildenhuys says there has been a notable increase in vehicular emissions, specifically in the Nothern Suburbs.

“Nitrogen is the pollutant most linked to transport emissions. We have seen a slight increase in the Northern Community network, in the Goodwood-Bothasig air particularly.” — Ian Gildenhuys, Head of Specialised Environmental Health Services at the City of Cape Town.

An efficient public transport network is an important component of combatting air pollution in a city.

Listen to the on-air interview at

#airpollution #publictransport

Cape Town’s failing rail system stoking air pollution, says City of CT 7

Originally shared by Neuroscience News

‘Missing in Action’ Multiple Sclerosis Genes Discovered
Researchers found four new genes that act independently as risk factors for the disabling autoimmune disorder.
The research is in Cell. (full open access)

‘Missing in Action’ Multiple Sclerosis Genes Discovered

Originally shared by Shubham Jain

Explore your knowledge about Computer Engineering. Find your favourite Computer Engineering books online from #Bookswagon.

Buy Your Favorite Computer Programming Books from Bookswagon

A moody view of Mitre Peak on the way to Milford Sound in New Zealand.
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Originally shared by Anna Neradova

Originally shared by Sanra

New post is available in The Artist’s Story. Enjoy. 🙂 #blog

Originally shared by ???????? ???????????

Originally shared by Hamit Yalçin   Autumn reflections..

How Does #Space Affect an #Astronaut ’s Skin? : #science

How Does Space Affect An Astronaut’s Skin?

Originally shared by Danie van der Merwe

ScottishPower Ditches Remaining Gas Plants In Move To 100% Wind
Scottish power company ScottishPower announced on Tuesday that it has completed the sale of its traditional generation business to British electrical power generation company Drax Group for £702 million in cash, resulting in ScottishPower becoming the first integrated energy company in the UK to shift completely from coal and gas to wind power.
“This is a pivotal shift for ScottishPower as we realise a long-term ambition,” said Keith Anderson, Chief Executive of ScottishPower. “We are leaving carbon generation behind for a renewable future powered by cheaper green energy. We have closed coal, sold gas and built enough wind to power 1.2 million homes.
Over the past decade, ScottishPower has closed all its coal plants, and sold its gas and hydro stations, while building up a portfolio of 2,700 MW worth of wind power either already operating or under construction, and a pipeline of future wind projects worth over 3,000 MW. Included in the company’s pipeline is 2,900 MW worth of offshore wind — in addition to the 714 MW East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm currently under construction.
“Energy companies must be part of the solution to climate change,” added Ignacio Galán, Chairman and Chief Executive of Iberdrola, ScottishPower’s parent company. “Iberdrola is acting now to cut carbon emissions 30% by 2020 and be carbon neutral by 2050. The sale of these generation assets is consistent with our strategy.”
PS: Yes I saw the original typo… I’m sure ScottishPower did not “build wind” but probably built “wind generation” 😉
#scottishpower #windenergy

ScottishPower Ditches Remaining Gas Plants In Move To 100% Wind | CleanTechnica

and here I lie on the earth
with my treasure by my sides
in the shadow of a rock
pleasantly cool
airflows play with the cave opening
pleasantly entertaining
does it feel like home, the bed on which you sleep?
does it feel like home, the table at which you eat?
does it feel like home, the eye in which you look?
from the long poem ‘the song WE’
(nederlands orgineel hieronder als commentaar bij deze post)

the song ‘we’

1 ________ and here I lie on the earth with my tr…

Originally shared by Berit Parp? (R.TÜRK)

Originally shared by Elena “Ely” Roncoroni

Lago di Sorapis – Ladinia – Italy

Mitch McConnell Blames the Poor for Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Deficit -via Flynx

Mitch McConnell Blames the Poor for Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Deficit

Originally shared by Egypt Tours Portal

One of The Seven Wonders Of The World “Giza Pyramids”. 

  Originally shared by Neuroscience News

Just How Blind Are Bats?

Study suggests that not all bats are blind but some certainly have selected other senses over vision.

Just How Blind Are Bats?

Originally shared by Neuroscience News

High Stakes Decision Making Causes More Cheating and Less Charity
Research shows they leverage feelings of virtuousness from having resisted a large temptation to act selfishly on a different occasion.
The research is in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. (full access paywall)

High Stakes Decision Making Causes More Cheating and Less Charity

Originally shared by Helen Moya.

Originally shared by Dirk Schönfeld    #shoreditch
#streetart in London (Sclater Street), UK,  by artist Zadok.
Photo by

Originally shared by Neuroscience News

Weight Loss Success Linked with Active Self Control Regions of Brain

Those who achieved greatest success in terms of weight loss demonstrated more activity in the brain regions of the lateral prefrontal cortex associated with self-control.

The research is in Cell Metabolism. (full access paywall)

Weight Loss Success Linked with Active Self Control Regions of Brain

Originally shared by Neuroscience News

Electrical Properties of Dendrites Help Explain the Brain’s Unique Computing Power

Electrical signals weaken more as they flow along human dendrites, resulting in a higher degree of electrical compartmentalization

The research is in Cell. (full open access)

Electrical Properties of Dendrites Help Explain the Brain’s Unique Computing Power

Bee Study Links Genes to Social Behaviors, Including Autism

Study found nearly 200 gene variations that were linked to social behavior, with 21 clustered in or nearby six genes implicated in human autism.

The research is in Nature Communications. (full open access)

Bee Study Links Genes to Social Behaviors, Including Autism

#Bio2018 #ManizalesBioculturalFest6 #CelebramoslaVida
#streetart in Menizales, Colombia,   by artist Arturo Volatil. Photo by Manizales Biocultural.

Originally shared by ??? (Song Min-ho)  Belly button bow – Gwon Su-gyeong (Sculptor)

Originally shared by Dirk Schönfeld  #owl
#streetart in Leuven, Belgium,
by artists Collin van der Sluijs and Super A.   Photo by @streetartpages.

#monumentaleipzig  #streetart in Leipzig, Germany,
by artist Rude.  Photo by Jaime Rojo (

Originally shared by Dirk Schönfeld #streetart in Bangkok, Thailand,  by artist Alex Face.
Photo by Hector Christiaen Street Art Photography.

Originally shared by Dirk Schönfeld

“Pixeleted Mona Lisa with destructurated Donald Duck in Valle Camonica”
#streetart in Angone, Italy,  by artist Ozmo.  Photo by Wall in Art 2018.

Originally shared by Anand Sankar  

M16: In and Around the Eagle Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Andrew Klinger
Explanation: From afar, the whole thing looks like an Eagle. A closer look at the Eagle Nebula, however, shows the bright region is actually a window into the center of a larger dark shell of dust. Through this window, a brightly-lit workshop appears where a whole open cluster of stars is being formed. In this cavity tall pillars and round globules of dark dust and cold molecular gas remain where stars are still forming. Already visible are several young bright blue stars whose light and winds are burning away and pushing back the remaining filaments and walls of gas and dust. The Eagle emission nebula, tagged M16, lies about 6500 light years away, spans about 20 light-years, and is visible with binoculars toward the constellation of the Serpent (Serpens). This picture involved over 25 hours of imaging and combines three specific emitted colors emitted by sulfur (colored as red), hydrogen (yellow), and oxygen (blue).

Originally shared by Dirk Schönfeld

#streetart in Ibiza, Spain,   by artist Sake Ieneka.   Photo by Sake Ieneka.

Originally shared by Dirk Schönfeld

#streetart in Charlotte, USA,   by artist Trasher.   Photo by Trasher.

Originally shared by Blue Angle

Originally shared by Guadalupita Chavez    BELLOS

Originally shared by AIW aiw

Originally shared by Muhammad Rafiq Ahmed

Ha My Bui: lan m?i hài dùng làm trà do h?ng ???c ph?n   Originally shared by ???

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