Inspiration Grid: Expressive Street Art & Matador Network: The 3D Chalk Drawing

Inspiration Grid: Expressive Street Art & Matador Network: The 3D Chalk Drawing

InspirationGrid: Expressive Street Art by Medianeras

Published Jan 6, 2023
Medianeras is an Argentinian street art duo formed by two extraordinary female artists: Vanesa Galdeano and Anali Chanquia. Together, they have created some of the most eye-catching large-scale murals and artwork across Argentina and Spain, where they’re currently based.
Vanesa and Anali have been creating art in the public space for more than 12 years. Brought together by shared concerns for urban space and public art, they began producing work together 5 years ago. They created a unifying project called Medianeras to expand and combine their artistic output.
“Medianeras is the Spanish word for ‘side walls’. Unlike other walls, which are only responsible for separating spaces, side walls are those shared between neighbours. This concept interests us because we believe that public art, besides making cities more beautiful, claims the idea of a shared place – of all individuals. We want to change the way we usually perceive spaces, our intention is to alter the urban landscape.”


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Matador Network:  The World’s Most Mind-Bending 3D Chalk Drawing

Alex Scola

Mar 10, 2014

With a background in cognitive psychology, I can’t help but find illusions and other perceptual tricks utterly fascinating. As our modes of sensory input are streamlined for efficiency, this leaves a significant and somewhat shocking margin for error.

Combine that knowledge with the world of art, and you’ve got the increasingly popular trend of forced perspective “anamorphic” street drawings (wherein the image and three-dimensional illusion are only properly visible while viewing the piece from a particular location).

Here are 30 of the world’s most mind-bending 3D chalk drawings, from five key artists in the scene.

Julian Beever

Born in 1959, this British artist studied art at Leeds Met. University. He began “anamorphic pavement illustrations” in the early ‘90s as a busker.

Premodernist and Postmodernist

About to Meet Mr. Newt

Politicians Meeting Their End


Little and Large

Times Square in Times Square

Taking the Plunge

Batman and Robin

That Hemmed-in Feeling…

Beneath Every Carpark…

Christmas Eve in Santa’s Workshop

Yorkshire Water

Wheel of Fortune


Babyfood (wrong view)

Swimming Pool in the High Street

Swimming Pool in the High Street (wrong view)

Make Poverty History

Make Poverty History (wrong view)

The Great Green Grasshopper

The Great Green Grasshopper (wrong view)

Snail (Back off, Creep…)

Snail (Back off, Creep…) (wrong view)

Edgar Mueller

This German artist was born in 1968, and taught himself painting as a child (most often painting his rural hometown of Straelen). He started doing street art full-time at the age of 25.

The Ark


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